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Life expectancy of the 1800's aye? That is actually tricky, since what most people call life expectancy is nothing but a median, the middle number taken of everyone born from 1800 to 1899 and tally all their ages together and then divide that number by everyone that was born.

Now the thing is infant life expectancy is what has improved a premature baby had a death sentence in that era,most, after they made it to ten- teen life are actually about the same, the addition of medical science has raised a unhealthy person from about 40 by a additional 12 -15 years on average, a healthy adult can now live to be 80-100, but then a healthy adult then wasn't far off either.

The problem arises later, here's a example. When you have a elderly person who falls and hurts their hip, in the 1800's the quality of life for this person would plummet horribly and discomfort and pain would take their toll and they would either be bed ridden or succumb to a infection from the area constantly rubbing.

So there is no straight answer. But statistically if you add everything mention together, the average person with the sick counted among the healthy and the infants counted among the adults, the average life span was approximately 40 years.

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Q: How old were people dying in 1800s?
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