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How old where John F. Kennedy's kids when John F. Kennedy died?

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Caroline was five and John Jr. was two.

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John F. Kennedy had three kids.Caroline Bovier KennedyJohn F. Kennedy, Jr.Patrick Bovier Kennedy

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died in childbirth in 1963.

John F. Kennedy had 3 kids and their names were: Caroline Bouvier Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. & Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

Yes, Kennedy's children were John F. Kennedy Jr. and Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. Unfortunately Patrick Kennedy died within just 2 days.

yes he has 3 one died at birth

If this is in regard to President John F. Kennedy, then he and Jacqueline Kennedy had four children Arabella, Caroline, John Jr., and Patrick Kennedy. Arabella was stillborn and Patrick died a few days after being born. John Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999.

Arabella Kennedy did not have any kids. she was the stillborn daughter of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Bovier Kennedy. They had three other kids after her. The oldest one was named Caroline, the second John Jr., and the third Patrick who died a few days after he was born.

2 kids Caroline Kennedy and John F Kennedy Jr.But 3 kids if u count Arabella Kennedy who passed away soon after birth

Arabella Kennedy Caroline Bouvier Kennedy born November 27, 1957 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. (known as John-John) born November 25, 1960 Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died a few days after birth

patrick kennedy and caroline kennedy

there were four kids arabella kennedy,caroline kennedy,john jr. kennedy,and patrick kennedy

Yes. Two - John and Caroline. John died in a airplane crash a few years back. Caroline is still living.

John F Kennedy's kids are, Caroline, John Jr., and Patrick Kennedy.

THREE THAT WE KNOW OF: Caroline, John Jr., And Patrick that died 2 days after his birth

2 it would be three but one died after 2 days of infancy and Caroline and john f Kennedy Jr died in a plane crash

1955 - Miscarriage 1955 - Still born daughter (to be named Arabella) 1957 - Caroline Bouvier Kennedy 1960 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Junior 1963 - Patrick Bouvier Kennedy (died after three days)

Caroline 1957 and John John. 1960

Jackie Onasssis had three kids from Kohn F. Kennedy. The first was still born, and the thers were Caroline Kennedy and late John Kennedy jr. She also had Patrick Kennedy born 8/7/1963 and died 2 days later from breathing problem caused by premature birth.

He was married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier from September 12th, 1953 until his assassination on November 22nd, 1963. He had five kids (three who did not live to maturity), Caroline Bouvier Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Junior.

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy was born in 1957 and is the only surviving member of JFK's immediate family. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was born in 1960.

He had 3. Caroline ( still alive), John (died in an airplane accident) and baby Patrick born while he was President, but only lived a few days.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, John Kennedy Jr. (killed in airplane crash), and a third boy, Patrick, who died of Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome two days after birth (he was born prematurely).

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy November 27, 1957 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. November 25, 1960(1960-11-25) Patrick Bouvier Kennedy Born: August 7, 1963 Died: August 9, 1963 (aged 2 days)

Ages posted to a site like this quickly go out of date. Here are their birthdates.John F. Kennedy had three childrenCaroline Bouvier Kennedy born November 27, 1957John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. born November 25, 1960 , died July 16, 1999Patrick Bouvier Kennedy born August 7, 1963, died two days later August 9, 1963

Jackie Kennedy had 4 kids......not counting her step children. There was Arabella who died in her mamas stomach. There also was Caroline who is still alive. Then there was John jr who died 5 years after her mom. And last there was Patrick who did not live very long.