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from what ive read you can switch the starter relay with the horn relay and give it a try.... if she starts and the horn dont work you have a bad relay

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โˆ™ 2005-09-16 02:51:57
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Q: How on a 93 dodge spirit 3.0L how do you check to see if the starter relay is bad?
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What does a starter relay cut off switch look like on a 94 dodge spirit 3.0?

where is the starter relay cut off switch located on a 94 dodge spirit

How do you tell if starter relay is bad in a 1995 Dodge Spirit?

If a starter relay or solenoid is bad, usually you will only hear a single click when you turn the key to start the engine.

What 2 wires turn over the starter on a 93 Dodge spirit so a toggle switch can be used?

Yellow(starter relay) and Dark blue(ignition run/start).

Where is the starter relay for a 1991 dodge dynasty 3.3 liter?

The 1991 Dodge Dynasty starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

What do you call the relay in between the battery and starter on 1994 Dodge Ram?

Uh....Starter Relay?

Is the starter relay for a 1996 and 1997 Dodge avenger located in the same place?

The starter relay switch is in the same location on both the 1996 and the 1997 Dodge Avenger. The starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box.

Where is A Starter Relay Located On 1988 Dodge Ram Van?

Where is a starter realy located on a dodge ram van

Where is the starter relay on a Dodge Caravan?

under the hood in the relay center

Where is the starter relay on a 1996 dodge ram van?

integral to the starter.

Where is the starter relay on a 1996 Dakota?

The 1996 Dodge Dakota starter relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The starter relay switch will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

Where is the starter relay switch located on a 1991 dodge van?

Maybe on the top of the starter - follow the + battery cable it will connect to the starter relay (solenoid)

1997 dodge stratus where is the starter relay?

The starter relay is under the hood in the fuse panel box it should be labeled

Is there a relay starter for a 1998 Dodge Conversion Van?

Starter Relay? Yes, under the hood in the black box by the battery

Where is the starter relay in a dodge sprinter?

The starter on the Sprinter has a Solenoid on the starter. That is the closest thing to a starter relay. When you turn the key, current is sent to the starter solenoid which pulls in and completes a current path to the starter windings.

How do you fix or find a short in a wire that causes the starter fuse on a 2004 Dodge Neon to keep blowing?

Disconnect the wire at the starter and try the ignition. My guess is that the starter itself is the problem. If the fuse does not blow then it is the starter, if it does blow then go to the relay center in the engine compartment and check the starter relay. Work your way back to the ignition switch.

What does the start relay do on a dodge charger?

It sends power to the starter.

Where is fuel pump relay located ON A 1995 DODGE SPIRIT?

On the inner fender behind the battery. There is a group of 5 relays, 3 on the fender wall, and 2 on the strut housing. the innermost one is the fuel pump relay, the outer one is the starter relay. they fin any common Chrysler relay.

New battery and starter but still only clicks?

if its a ford prduct,check starter relay!!if not check starter solenoid.

How do you replace starter relay switch 2001 dodge caravan?

Locate the relay/fuse center under the hood, remove relay/fuse center cover, pull out the starter relay and replace it with a new one. It is seldom the relay is at fault.

Will the starter relay from a dodge stealth work in a Mitsubishi 3000gt?


Can you help i have a 2004 dodge ram wont start new battery all fuses good wont make a sound has all power wont do anything checked all relays need help?

have you checked the relay on the starter? and check the wire that runs from the started relay to the starter.

Where is the starter relay for a 1988 Dodge van with a 318 engine with air conditioning?

The starter relay operates the starter soleniod. The relay is located on the firewall at about the 8 O'Clock position looking at the brake booster. It has 4 wires in one connector going to it.

Why does 1998 dodge neon have power everywhere but starter is dead starter is new and worked for 2 months?

Sounds like a defective starter, but check your battery cables and connections. Make sure you are getting power at the starter when you turn the key to the start position. Could be a relay too.

What should you check next if you already replaced the battery and the starter and your vehicle still will not start?

Since you changed your battery and starter I'm assuming you are getting fuel and spark is your problem. You should check your starter relay, the wires from the relay to your starter, the wires from your battery to the relay, the wires from your locking cylinder to the relay, and your locking cylinder. You might also check your alternator. You can take it to a parts store to have it bench tested for free.

What does sr13 starter relay fit?

Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Prior to 1972