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You really need a timing tool kit to do this accurately. The kit contains a locking tool for the crankshaft, a locking tool for the cam (fits on one of the cam lobes) and in some kits, you also get the tools for tightening the cam belt pulley and for tightening the cam belt tensioner. The cam belt pulley can be adjusted one or two cogs while the the cam is locked (loosen the bolt holding the pulley) in order to ensure perfect timing of the cam belt.

However, you can try a simple solution, with the risk of not quite getting there... The timing mark for the cam belt pulley is located towards the front of the car, as part of the black plastic sheild on the inside of the pulley. Line it up with the mark on the pulley. The mark for the crankshaft pulley is located diagonally up towards the front of the car, between 1 and 2 o'clock when you face the crankshaft pulley. Ensure that the mark on the crankshaft pulley lines up with this when the markings on the cam pulley/-timing mark is lined up. Also make sure that the cam belt is TIGHT between these pulleys when it's timed up. When it's timed up and the tensioner is tightened (make sure it's tightened to the right point!), use a lever to turn the crankshaft clockwise until both pulleys are back to their timing marks (two turns on the crank, I think). Make sure both pulleys still are timed up perfectly. If you still have problems after this, buy a timing tool kit!

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Q: How on a r reg bravo 1.4 12valve do you work out the timing marks must be close cus it just keeps back firing any help please?
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