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It is true that some manufacturers balance brake components, but most--especially price-point brands--do not. Poor casting technique and even sloppy machining can result in a wildly imbalanced component. If left unchecked, an imbalanced part can cause a vibration that will rapidly wear components.

Consult your favorite business or phone directory for a few local and reputable machine shops. Ask who they recommend for balancing. High-performance engine builders in particular develop close bonds with their balancing sources.

Even previously balanced components can benefit from a finer state of balance. Not all balancing jobs are alike; parts manufacturers may balance to tens of grams whereas balancers who cater to performance engine builders are used to going to fractions of grams (though such a fine balance may prove wasteful for something like a drum). It may sound insignificant, but speed can amplify the most modest imbalance.

You may be surprised to find just how common imbalanced brake components are.

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Q: How or where can you have new rear brake drums balanced to eliminate severe vibration at highway speeds after rear brake job on your 95 Caravan Wheel balance was verified correct with spin balance?
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