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How or where do you learn what parts make a quality computer?

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A couple of great resources are a magazine called Maximum PC, and a website called .

MaxPC gives reviews to the newest and best computer parts with an eye towards high end performance and gaming, as opposed to office type number crunching computers. They also have an issue each year where they build the "ultimate" machine for that year, and the "budget performer" for that year. The ultimate is ridiculous - like $20,000. But the budget performer is a high quality machine that is just a few steps back from the very latest breaking technology - but is still far better than what you could buy off the shelf at your Best Buy. is much more technical and is definitely for the geek-at-heart, but EVERYTHING is reviewed there in gory detail.

To build a completely basic computer you need a : power supply, motherboard, processor, hard drive, memory, video card, and a CD-ROM drive for loading an OS. To build a smokin' fast gaming computer you need a nicer video card, more memory, faster processor, and potentially a nicer motherboard with some more advanced features, though I'd place that last on my list. Your BIG improvement is going to be seen in video card and memory, in my opinion.

A few things that help. Fast internet connection, good motherboard, a good cdr/rw/dvdr/rw and it's better not to buy your motherboard from a store (ex. Bestbuy).

Another way to shop for components is to go to a benchmark site. There, you can see how all the main components compare in performance, and thus you can balance price with performance so you can build an affordable computer with the performance that you want.

2016-11-27 05:32:38
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Q: How or where do you learn what parts make a quality computer?
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You can find parts to build your own personal computer from stores and suppliers such as MicroCenter and PCPartPicker. It is important to consider what kind of motherboard, graphics, and other computer parts you need to make sure your computer works how you want it to.

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It is too expensive for you to make computer hardware. When you buy a cheap computer from a low cost company it is only possible because that company has imported the parts into your country and only put it together in the shop you buy it in. To get the same level of quality that others are getting from their computers means you will need to buy the computer hardware fully assembled by a trusted international company. They design it, they put it together, they test it to make sure it meets the standards their customers want and you get a computer that lasts for years

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To make game software, or any software for that matter, you need to learn computer programming. Learn to program some computer language, such as Java, C#, C++, Python, PHP, etc. It isn't an easy task; it will take you months or years to learn how to use a language well.

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How computers are made?

A computer is comprised of many small parts that work together to make the computer function. The computer is first started by aligning the motherboard with a microchip.

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