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Really PAINFUL.. like having A heart attack ;) LOL IM Serious -_-

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In a series circuit the is the same at every point

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Q: How painful is an electric shock?
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What is an electric shock?

A sudden, sometimes painful, physical reaction consisting of nerve stimulation and muscle contraction, caused by electric current flowing through the body.

Whats the difference between electric shock and electrocuted?

Electric shock is to electrocuted as burned is to cremated. Electric shock is the same as electrocuted, except that electrocuted has actually induced death; to kill by electric shock.

What is the treatment of electric shock?

An electric shock will stop the heart, treatment for this is CPR.

Why do you get an electric shock if you touch a doorknob after walking through a carpet?

electric shock

Animal that gives Electric Shock?

There are hundreds of animals that give an electric shock. Probably the most common animal that gives an electric shock is the stingray.

Whether muscles get paralyzed on electric shock?

Muscles do not get paralyzed on electric shock from the AED.

How do you spell eltric shock?

It is spelled 'Electric Shock'.

Will you get an electic shock if you wee on an electric fence?

The electric shock will probably bang you right in the kitty

Why is it dangerous to touch someone who is receiveing an electric shock?

Because the electric shock can pass on through you. :)

Why do electric guitars shock you if your barefoot?

They shouldn't if you get an electric shock while playing there is a fault with your equipment.

What first aid is given in electric shock?

Defibrillation is given by an electric shock via the AED.

Do electric eels shock people?

Yes, electric eels can shock people and possible kill them

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