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How peafowls mate?

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Birds don't have typical sex organs. Like fish and reptiles, males and females alike have a single opening for reproduction and waste elimination. Males accumulate sperm in semen near this opening, known as a cloaca. When birds mate they simply touch cloacae, transferring sperm to the female. This only takes seconds, but can happen hundreds of times a day.

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What do peafowls eat?

Peafowls eat fruits and plants

Can Peafowls fly?

Although Peacocks / Peafowls generally walk, they have the ability to fly.

Why are peafowls important?

Peafowls are female peacocks. Without any peahens, there would be no way for peacocks to reproduce.

Are peafowls endangered?


Where do peafowls live?

native to asia.

Are peafowls dangerous?

yes i depends on what kind it is

What is the peafowls country of origin?

India and southeast Asia.

What animal eats a peafowls?

Tigers are their main predators.

How do peafowls travel?

pefowls travel in groups! DUR

What continent do peafowls live on?

in Asia where native Americans live

Which animal did peacocks come from?

Peacocks, originally peafowls are birds.Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataOrder:GalliformesFamily:PhasianidaeGenus:Pavo

Is A Peacock An Australian Animal?

sorry no,peacocks or peafowls are native to India.

Are peahen eggs edible?

yes!! why would you want to eat that omg poor peafowls babies

Does peacocks have fur feather or scales?

Peafowls (male = peacock, female = peahen) are birds and have feathers.

Is the peahen the bird with the colourful feathers?

No, the peahen is the female of the peafowls. The male peacock has the brightly colored feathers.

What are the colors of the peafowls?

males have maney colors blues , golds green , females are verry plain gray graybrown

Why are peacoks called peafowls?

A peacock is a male peafowl. Peafowl refers to both the male (peacock) and female (peahen).

Are Peafowls female peacocks?

Peafowl is a general term and would include anything in the peacock family. The females are usually referred to as "peahens".

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