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This Rifle is the same as the Savage model 170. I have one in .30.30 and cannot fault the rifle in any way. It is also a very accurate weapon especially for a pump action rifle.

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Q: How popular was the Springfield model 174 pump rifle and is it a reliable weapon in very good condition?
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What is the value of a Springfield hand gun model V10?

The value of a Springfield hand gun model V10 depends on its condition. This weapon in excellent condition is valued between 450.00 and 575.00 as of 2014.

Value of springfield armory 1911 pistol?

value depends totally on overall condition of weapon. based on condition, value could be anywhere from $500 to $2500

What is the most popular viking weapon?

The most popular weapon to the Vikings was the spear, an axe and a shield.

M11 Condition of weapon when magazine inserted round in chamber slide and hammer forward describes which weapon condition code condition 1 or 2 or 3 or4?

condition 1

Which make of rifle was the standard infantry weapon of the US army from 1873 to 1936?


What caliber was the Springfield rifle in the civil war?

The Springfield rifled Musket, Model 1855 had a caliber of 0.58-inch and was a single shot, muzzle-loading weapon.

What does glock 36 usually refer to?

A handgun that is a .32 caliber weapon. It is made by the company Glock. It is a weapon that many police officers use as a backup weapon. It is known as a reliable and lightweight weapon.

How do you find the history of an 1873 Springfield?

Trapdoor Collectors has a bulletin board where there are people who know all about these rifles.Go to there is a Springfield link there, when you select the weapon type and enter the serial number it will tell you what unit your weapon was issued to: Try

What is the value of a Springfield XD-357?

In mint condition, it is probably worth the current retail price, but no more than that - the weapon is too new and too easily available to have historical or special collectors value as of yet.

Weapons condition codes?

Weapon Conditions: Weapon Condition #4: Magazine removed, chamber empty, bolt forward, safety on, ejection port cover closed Weapon Condition #3: Magazine inserted, chamber empty, bolt forward, safety on, ejection port cover closed Weapon Condition #2: This rule does not apply to M16A4 Service Rifle.. Weapon Condition #1: Magazine inserted, round in chamber, bolt forward, safety on, ejection port cover closed.

Is the Springfield Armory XDm 9mm rated for P ammunition?

Yes per conversation with Springfield Inc. it is safe to use +p or +p+ FACTORY ammunition, but it can accelerate wear on the weapon at a higher rate.

What weapon might have had the widest use during World War I?

The German Gewehr 98 rifle and its derivatives. The reason behind this was because of the Mauser bolt-action design that was used in this rifle was so reliable and robust that it was copied by numerous other nations. The American Springfield 1903, for example, was almost a direct copy of the Gewehr 98. Springfield was actually sued by Mauser at one point because of the similaries.

What was the most popular weapon that the Romans used?

The Spear

What was the most popular weapon in the medieval period?


Does a concealed weapon permit for Pennsylvania allow you to carry a concealed weapon in Virginia?

No. Actually, according to (a fairly reliable site), Virginia DOES recognize Pennsylvania permits.

What procedure causes a cartridge to be chambered?

"Make Ready" is the command to take a weapon from Condition 3 to Condition 1.

Which Weapon Condition Code does not apply to the M9 Service Pistol?

Condition 2, does not apply to the M9 Service Pistol.

Which general weapon condition code does not apply to the M500 shotgun?


What is the glenfield model 778 12ga worth?

This is actually a Marlin 120 with a cheaper grade stock. In good condition I would take less than $200.00 for a sturdy and reliable weapon. It has been mechanically compared to the Winchester Model 12.

What caliber is most reliable for a lever action rifle?

Reliabilty is a function of the mechanical aspects of the weapon, not the cartridge.

What was the most used weapon by the Union infantry during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War one weapon was the most used one by the Union infantry. This was the 1861 Model of the Springfield rifle.

What was the most popular weapon in world war 2?

the tank

What weapon was the most popular in World War 1?

The bayonet

What caliber bullets were used in World War 1?

* The Springfield used 30-06. * The Enfield used .308 and * The Mauser was a 7mm weapon.

What was the most popular weapon of the Revolutionary War?

The black powder musket