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not rare i see them in super market every day

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โˆ™ 2008-11-27 08:48:13
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Q: How rare are the pink ladies slipper flower?
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Why is the lady slipper Minnesotas state flower?

The pink and white lady's slipper (Cypripedium reginae), also knows as the showy lady's slipper or queen's lady slipper, is a rare and beautiful plant. Of all the flowers in Minnesota, many people felt this was the most impressive, so the State Legislature voted to make it the state flower in 1902 and has protected it since 1925. One of the factors that influenced the decision is the uniqueness of the flower. The plants grow to be about four feet tall and can live for 50 years.

New Yorks state flower?

new yorks state flower is beutiful pink rose the flower is very rare

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This is a rare flower, that is lime green and hot pink! This flower was decended from Leighton, Alabama. This flower can talk, and it talks a lot!!!

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What is the common name of Cypripedium reginae?

Queen Lady's Slipper is the common name of Cypripedium reginae.Specifically, the wild orchid is rare and therefore quite an accomplishment when found. It is considered to have the feminine, stately bearing of a queen. Other common names include Big Pink and White, Large White Lady's Slipper, and Showy Lady's Slipper.

Is it illegal to pick lady slippers in CT?

The showy lady's slipper (Cypripedium reginae), also known as the pink-and-white lady slipper or the queen's lady slipper, is a rare terrestrial temperate orchid found in northern North America. The plant has probably always been rare and although it produces a large amount of seeds per seed pod, it reproduces largely by vegetative reproduction. (1) Although never common, this rare plant has vanished from much of its historical range due to habitat loss. It has been a subject of horticultural interest for many years with Charles Darwin being one of the people who, unsuccessfully, tried cultivating the plant. The plant became the state flower of Minnesota in 1902, and it became protected by state law in 1925. It is illegal to pick or uproot a showy lady slipper flower in Minnesota. It thrives in neutral to basic soils and prefers growing in fens. Historically, it was difficult to raise and responded poorly to tissue culture efforts until in the late 1990's substantial progress was made in axenic culture of the plant from sterile seeds. (1,2,3) Since the plants reproduce vegetatively by rhizomes, they survive indefinitely. They typically flower in late June and early July. Usually, there are one or two flowers per stem, but there can be three or four. The stem has a hairy appearance, and the "hairs" can cause irritation to some people. Although this plant was originally chosen as the provincial flower for Prince Edward Island in 1947, it was so rare on the island that another Lady's Slipper, C. acaule (moccasin flower or pink lady slipper), has replaced it as the province's floral emblem. This has been copied and pasted from http:/ but technically yes it is illegal to pick a lady flower in CT

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