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How did rats befcome resistant to warfarin?

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Q: How rats can become resistant to Warfarin?
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What alternative drugs are there other then warfarin?

If you're referring to the poison, Bromadialone is used for Warfarin-resistant rats.

How did rats become resistant to warfrin?

Resistance to warfarin in rats occurs when there is a genetic mutation in their gene code. Which gets passed on when they breed so it makes other rats immune too. This is called natural selection

What do rats hate?

Rats hate warfarin

What event enabled the rats to become resistant to warfarin?

Evolution, but by artificial selection, so to speak. Imagine a colony of rats. They all have very tiny differences in their genes, and as these differences neither help nor harm the rat, they are passed along to their offspring as normal. If someone tries to poison the colony with warfarin, many will die. If any rat's genetics give it a resistance to the poison, then these rats will survive, and pass the resistance genes onto their offspring. Some of these may even be more resistant, etc. So it can be that the entire colony is mostly unaffected by the poison.

Why is bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic?

Yes, over use of antibiotics can cause bacteria to become resistant.

Do antibiotics cause bacteria to become resistant?

Yes, over use of antibiotics can cause bacteria to become resistant.

What element is used to kill rats?

Rat poison has a variety of elements that can kill rats. These elements include warfarin, diphacinone, bromadiolone, brodificoum and others. The kind used in home is called anticoagulant rodenticide.

What foods do mice hate?

Mice hate Warfarin pellets. Mice and rats do not have the ability to vomit so poison works very well on them.

How do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?

becomes resistant to antibiotics mostly by the misuse of antibiotics

How might an individual bacterium become resistant to an antibiotic?

it inherited the allele that made it resistant

Explain how a population of insects could become resistant to a pesticide?

more and more resistant memebers

Can copper withstand weathering?

Copper is sufficiently resistant but alloyed become more resistant and strong.

What poisonous element is used in medicines and also in rat poison?

Arsenic. But modern rat poisons use the chemical warfarin, which causes internal bleeding in rats.

Can beetroot effect warfarin?

No. It does not affect the warfarin.

Can you become resistant to salmonella?

Some people many be more resistant to salmonella, however no-one is immune.

Can you fly while on warfarin?

Can you flus while on warfarin

What are the contraindications of metronidazole?

warfarin & alcohol warfarin & alcohol

Can you take warfarin with valdoxan?

can i take warfarin with valdoxan

What is the chemical warfarin used for?

Warfarin is an anticoagulant for blood.

Importance of protecting public health from rats?

Protecting the public health from rats is important because rats can and do carry and spread diseases. Many communities are taking steps to keep rats away from homes and people by implementing new trash regulations which include rat resistant trash bins.

How do antibiotics become resistant to antibacterial drugs?

By mutating

How MRSA has evolved?

It has become resistant to many antibiotics.

Why is malaria spreading?

The parasite has become resistant to chloroquine. The mosquitoes has become resistant to insecticides. The drive to eradicate malaria becomes less intensive, when you do not get the reward in the form of success.

How do bacteria become more resistant?

Genetic mutations in the bacteria can cause them to become resistant to particular kinds of medication. As the reproduction rate of bacteria is so high, even just one bacteria with the gene that causes resistance can quickly multiply to become a strain of bacteria which are all resistant.

When did rats become pets?

I believe the first pet rats were domesticated very early by the Ancient Inca. In the US, by the late 1800s rats were kept in captivity as pets and by the early 1900s had become a popular pet.