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get pimple cream and rub butter or peanut butter on your pimple gently

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just use anti-acne cream

no it does not the only way to reduce pimples is wash your face,dont eat much sugar, and stay clean or try pimple treatment if it is bad.

by using medicated cream like retrieve or lazma

YES! if you keep the toothpaste on ur pimple for bout 30 minutes hten the redness of the pimple around it will reduce, and it will make it stop stinging! :-) UPDATE: you can also use eye drops (that reduce redness in the eyes). It also helps on pimples.

you can buy a green color corrector and apply that over red pimples. Then apply a liquid foundation, blotting over the corrector. This will reduce the appearance of redness. If the pimples are not red then you can apply cover up to a make up sponge and blot over the pimples.

Try a clay mask, it will help dry your pimples. Wash daily with a face wash (I use proactive and acne free).

Nah I tried they cant be cured overnight but I do have a 10 tip list that may reduce zits and pimples by 60%

thigh 'pimples' are not always pimples. they are sometimes heat rash. when your outside sweating your legs rub together causing this. to reduce them, moisturize!

I don't think there is any way that help you to get rid of pimples in just one week. But if you drink plenty of water in a day and eat more fruits and vegetables than you can reduce your pimples in one week.

No, Hydrogen Peroxide will not cure acne. It will reduce bacteria that cause and develop in acne.

you need wash your face all day and you need to use cleanser to prevert pores and pimples

cauz they look like pimples

You do not get pimples from some one else. Pimples are not communicable.

Really it was no help at all its only good to get rid of dead skin, but sea salt was a lot better

Pimples are common during puberty, due to hormonal spurt. You do not look dirty, when you have pimples. Late teenagers go on thinking about the pimples only. Almost every body gets the pimples and that is certainly not a crime to have pimples. So do not go on touching the pimples and do not squeeze them. You look beautiful by smile of the face, even with pimples there on your face.

Cleaning and Reducing Skin Deposits Most treatments for pimples and acne concentrate on cleaning the skin pores. Others recommend the use of astringents to reduce liquid deposits under the skin, and antiseptics to prevent bacterial growth in these deposits. Another Suggestion Salt water may help you get rid of your acne. Go to the beach.

what are blood filled pimples

Pimples can appear anywhere on your body. Pimples can appear anywhere on your body.

No it just dries the pimples out. but if you really want no acne just buy the stinking pro active solution.

chocolate does not give you pimples, its hormonal. normally when your stressed you eat chocolate and that's how you get pimples. hormones and stress give you pimples, NOT CHOCOLATE.

You get pimples and spots from not washing your face regularly or having dirty hands and then touching your face, and then this leads to black heads which then soon turn into pimples- that is how you get pimples.

no they don't like pimples

Pimples is a funny word.

yes likes girls with pimples He's got pimples too hes dating a girl with pimples named cierra

best answer people get pimples from lack of sleep and stress

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