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How reliable is Google Translate?

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You shouldn't use Google translate It may be right sometimes....but its mostly wrong. I used it for English to spanishor Spanish to English,and I found out that it wasn't tht trustworthy. For example If u typed in fly, how doyou know if the translate put the right kind of fly???? And do not use google translate for spanish homework or for other languages. They mix up the verb tenses a lot!!!!!


Google translate isn't word for word, but it does translate the gist of the message. I use it to read my facebook messages from my Danish friend.

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There are many different resources available online that translate one language to another. One of the most reliable sites is called Google Translate.

Google, Because Google made google and so google made the translate

According to Google translate, which is not always reliable, it is 'Você joga Habbo?'

on google translate Google DOES NOT offer Samoan as a language to translate...

English to Irish translations can be performed online at websites such as Google Translate or BabelFish. These websites can translate anything from words to whole websites.

google translate my friend, google translate

For most reliable translations consult or have not found google translations to be accurate.For openers don't go to Google translator.try irishgaelictranslator or

they probably go on google translate which isn't that reliable so don't go on it unless you want your teacher or boss or who ever you work for to now or ask a really smart person

One can use many Google services to translate. However, the most used Google service for translation would be Google Translate, where one can enter a word or phrase, and Google can detect the language or translate it to any other language.

Go to google and type in google translate hope that help (:

Yes, the Google translate service will do a good job of translating most stuff.

risplendere, and next time use an english-italian dictionary or google translate .com, they have become more reliable.

The two most common English to Italian translation aids are the website Free Translation or Google Translate. Both are reliable and free to use at any time.

Not accurate enough. Google translate does translate words accurately, but there is some problems in tenses. I'd like to recommend you Takeasy, a live-human translate app.

Google translator can translate only language so, it's not possible to translate symbols but whenever we translate the language it may be changed the order of symbols in sentence.

go 2 google translate go 2 google translate

By pasting Dutch text on websites like Babelfish(Yahoo) or google translate.Hit the translate button and its done. Be careful, translations generated with this sort machines are never a reliable one.

You can go to a translate site like Babelfish or Google Translate, or have an interpreter do it for you.

Translate the writing with google translate

Google Translate is not 100% accurate. A bunch of videos on YouTube are made to make fun of Google Translate's inaccuracy.

"Yes, Google Spanish will translate into English. Google can also translate to any other language you would need it to. It is a very convenient tool for everyone!" But be wary!

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