How religion influences the development of a civilization?

Looking at the Bible as a reference of a progressive civilization, starting from. Egypt whose knowledge was inspired by the worship of. Gods (i.e mummy, pyramid).
Babylonians were also great worshiped idols was characterized by a. very organized government, and again.
Romans and greeks were strong idol worshippers who brought most of the ideas we use these days.
i.e have any one thought how Sir. Avogadro got the Avogadro's number (6.02 x 10^23). no human can ever count this number, even a computer that counts 1 million per second will take about 1 million years to finish counting.
Charles Babbage and. Aada Lovace King within the span of 60 years created the computer but Thomas Eisten took 99 attempts to create a common electric bulb.
knowledge is inspirational from spirits, therefore that which you worshp aid you and thats the world's system of civilization.