How rich is the new owner of Nottingham forest?

Ive Been Reading That Each Year They Have An Income Of £3.5billion ..So Id Say Theyve Got Atleast £15-25 billion pounds in there bank......Good Future For Forest, Bring In Some Top Players This Year ..No I Dont Mean Top Players Like Aguero,Rooney,Neymar Etc ..I Mean Like..Owen,Jenas,Barton,Robinson,Livermore,Bostock,Bent Etc. , Then Build A New Stadium..Around 45,000-55,000 Capacity..Bring World Class Facilities..Top Manager , Then When/If Yu Reach BPL ..Get Some Bigger Names ..E.G. Defoe,Walker,Begovic,Smalling Etc...Then If Yu Finish Top 10..Go For Even Bigger Names Like Ballotelli,Vertonghen,Gotze,Lloris..Bla Bla Bla ..Exactly What Manchester City Done..Now There Champions Of England With World Class Players ..Im A Tottenham Fan Myself ..But Good Luck To Forest In The Future, Wanna See Someone Different Win The BPL Rather Than Man United , Chelsea ..Boring Teams Now !