How safe are condoms?

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They are approximately 99% effective when used correctly and even safer when you use spermicidal condoms or if the woman uses a spermiicide in addition to it. They of course become less safe when they break or come off, however this only occurs because they have not been put on correctly.

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Q: How safe are condoms?
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How safe are Trojan condoms?

Most condoms are like 97.7% or something.

Are frenzy condoms safe?

anything is safe if you put a condom on it

Is it safe to use expired condoms?


Is it safe to wear old condoms?

No it is not.

How can you check to make sure condoms are safe?

you use it if you don't die or get pregnant or get a disease its obviously safe to use those condoms.;-)

Is it safe to use condoms for pleasure?


How can aids be prevent?

Safe sex-condoms.

Do women wear condoms?

women wear condoms so that they can have safe sex and a healthy relationship

Do thinner condoms have the same effectiveness as regular condoms?

Yes. And to make sure you get this right, condoms are NOT 100% safe. They are just THE safest method.

Why condoms are not safe to prevent HIV?

It is safe as long as it's used properly.

Avoid beeing pergnent?

be safe, use condoms

Can you get condoms at thirteen?

yes, theirs no legal age to buy condoms. always safe sex ! take no risks

What is the purpose of flavored condoms?

I would imagine they are designed to promote safe oral sex.Flavoured condoms provide pleasure to the "giver" during oral sex. They are also safe and very playful. You can now buy Flavoured Condoms Online -

Why should you wear condoms?

everyone should not should must everyone must wear condoms to have a safe and sound sex condoms are very oily they doublesthe sex

DO you have to be a certain age to buy condoms in a store?

No way man! You should be proud of the fact that your buying condoms! Stay Safe!

What is the use of flavoured condoms?

To improve safe oral sex.

Is it safe to use two condoms?

No. Using 2 condoms increases the friction. this would be worse than using only one.

If you used 3 condoms will you get pregnant?

Using multiple condoms is less safe than using 1. they are more likely to break.

How can teenage pregnancy be prevented?

Have safe sex (condoms) or no sex at all !!

Is it safe for a man to have multiple sex partners if you use condoms?


Are there condoms made to cover just the glans?

Yes but they aren't that safe.

Is putting petroleum jelly in your anus safe?

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) itself is safe, but it will weaken latex condoms.

Can boys between 13 and 15 have safe sex together?

Yeah, Anyone no matter what age you are can have safe sex, In most places you can buy condoms and if you cant but condoms have an older friend/ family member buy them for you.

What do condoms look like?

well, condoms kind of look like uniflated baloons. There are flavors of condoms, scented condoms, and all different colors, including glow in the dark. In the package, they will look like a circle, but you slip it over the penis and there you go! Be Safe!

What would passing condoms out in high school do to teens?

Encourage safe sex to them.