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Both can be safe as long as you don't give any personal information to the fruit that you've never heard of . Also don't take pictures of people you know and show it to any fruits. Unless you really really want to. Then I cant stop you.

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Are there any safe fruits for diabetics?

Most fruits are safe for diabetics. You can still eat bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries and melons. Stay away from plums, however, because they have alot of sugar.

Why is there such thing as bananas?

they are good fruits that will keep you safe and healthy

Are dogs allowed to have bananas?

Yes bananas are safe and good for your dog. Apples, lettuce and carrots are too. Grapes, onions, tomatoes and raisins are harmful

Can dogs eat any fruits?

Is it safe for dogs and puppies to eat some fruit. My puppy likes to eat apples and pears. I know that grapes are supposed to be toxic to dogs,but other fruits safe.

Can a gerbil have strawberries bananas grapes and apples plus sunflower seeds?

Yes. In fact, giving your gerbil a variety of fruits is good for them. Don't give them too much though. If given too much, the amount of sugar within the fruits could hurt them. Sunflower seeds are one of the major foods that gerbils tend to eat. If given fruits, make sure they are about the size of the gerbils head to keep it safe.

Is it safe to feed sugar gliders bananas?

I have two male sugar gliders and I feed them bananas a couple of time a week. Be sure to offer a minimum of three fresh fruits and three fresh veggies every day.

Is the wax on apples safe?

It is not safe to eat wax on apples, that is why you should be careful at shopping.

Is it safe to eat bananas when they have been stored in a refrigerator with their pealings on?

Yes, it should be perfectly safe, if the bananas are not rotten.

Is it safe to give a horse delicious apple?

Yes. Horses like apples.

Is it safe to eat 5 bananas a day?

4 bananas is the sanity limit

Are apples safe for doges to eat?

Yes, dogs can eat apples.

Are sweet peas poisonous to dogs?

No. Sweet Peas are perfectly safe to feed a dog, though you want to gradually increase the amount of fruits or veggies you feed a dog because the extra roughage can cause loose stools, if you over do it. Sweet Peas, and other vegetables or fruits can be used as a healthy treat! Dog-safe vegetables and fruits include: Squashes, Zucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Apples (no seeds!), Melons, Pear, Bananas, Berries, Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Green Beans. Avoid grapes/raisins, onions, and of course chocolate!

Can dogs eat apricots?

"No they may die" - this is not true. Dogs can eat apricots as long as you remove the pit, stem and leaves. Dogs cannot eat grapes, citrus fruits or tomatoes. Make sure you remove all pits and seeds from any other fruit you feed your dog. Bananas, Apples and Apricots are all safe to feed your dogs.

Are oxidized bananas safe to eat?

the oxidized bananas will turn into brownish color and most people think the brownish bananas are bad as long as the oxidized bananas do not smelly and do not have mold on it.

Safe fruits to have with gout?

Safe fruits to Consume if you have Gout, watermelons, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines grapes,cherries

Are bananas deadly?

Only when inserted improperly. Be safe!

What do monkeys do to stay safe?

Eat bananas :D

How many bananas is it safe to eat per day?


What is a safe amount of bananas for a human to eat in a day?


How many bananas it is safe to eat per day?


Is there a safe fruit you can stick in your vagina?

peeled bananas go ok.

Is it safe for dogs to apples?

I assume you meant "eat apples" and the answer is yes I feed my dog fruit all the time.

How long do apples last?

When you but apples, they usually last for maybe a week. You don't push two weeks, if you want to be safe.

Are apples toxic to Boer goats?

No, apples that are safe for humans to eat are also safe for goats to eat. However, any apples that have been sprayed with pesticides or apple varieties that are not safe for human consumption should be carefully reviewed, possibly with reference to the ASPCA's toxic plants website, before being fed to goats.

How many bananas is it safe for an adult to eat a day?

around 4-6 because of some properties of bananas you shouldn't eat too many.

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