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How safe is India?

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September 13, 2011 5:17AM

"Is_India_safe?" id="Is_India_safe?">Is India safe?

There's no definite answer for defining different country, it

depends on how you define as 'dangerous/un-safe'.

For example we heard of many gunshot incident in US where

student brough a gun to school and spray the bullet as though the

bullet is free, and in the end killing many students, and ending

himself in jail, is it worth it? So my next question would probably

be is studying in US safe? I couldn't make any comment on that.

As for India, i can comment it as a whole.

  • For all countries, there will always be some places where it's

    very safe (high security level), same goes I'm sure some parts of

    India would be quite safe enough.

  • In places where if you met with an accident or seeking help

    around, and no one will want to pay attention to you. I personally

    reckon that these places would be unsafe.

  • And also according to history, there's no record of India

    involving in any war or serious political argument!

If you could seek some other people who had went to India before

and had experience (good & bad), learn from them! They could

give you some practical advice and preparation.

Sorry if i did not answer your question directly.

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