How safe is it to travel in the Czech Republic and are there any precautions that a tourist should take?

Here is advice from an American who has has lived, studied, and traveled there: I can say that the Czech Republic is perfectly safe. Do not worry at all, especially if you're travelling in a group. If you go to Prague at some point, which most people do when they visit the Czech Republic, just be aware that in the center of town at night--especially on Narodni trida, which is the street in front of the National Museum and with the big statue of Charles IV--the not so savory businesses come to life. Just don't make eye-contact with anyone who looks suspicious and just keep walking. But the worst you might experience would be pickpocketing. Usually the line between petty theft and causing someone physical harm is so severe in Eastern Europe, that very few criminals would ever risk hurting someone, especially a Westerner. The rest of the Czech Republic is even safer I'd say, as they are not that used to tourists and thus not as prepared for pickpocketing or ripping them off (although neither of those two things EVER happened to me). If you can learn some Czech beforehand, this will help you SO MUCH!!! In Prague everyone speaks either English or German, probably English, but in the rest of the country it's kind of hit and miss, with a lot more missing going on than hitting. Just don't do anything stupid. That's the most important advice anyone can give you. Behave yourself like you were in some place you aren't familiar with in the US and you'll be just fine. Don't keep valuables in your backpack or purse, keep them somewhere where you are always aware where they are. Me, I wore pants with really deep pockets or cargo pants. If someone tried to steal stuff from them, I would almost certainly have noticed. One thing though, if you need to get to the American embassy, just bear in mind that there WILL be security guards around there and they WILL ask you to identify yourself before going up to the embassy. Just say you're Americans. This has nothing to do with the Czechs, this is happening to US embassies all over the world, and you might have to wait in a line too because of security.