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How safe is online shopping when using a debit or credit card?


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Online shopping is very safe using debit and/or credit cards. Most have very high security during the checkout process and everything is password protected and encoded.

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There are several advantages of using Paypal for online shopping such as credit card security, flexibility, easy to send money, online auctions, free cost, and discounts.

Yes, you can do e-commerce transactions online without using a credit or a debit card. U will need to open up a paypal account first and den u will be able to pay for all your purchases using your paypal account and u wont have to give away your credit and debit card information!!!!

It is perfectly safe to by goods online using your credit card or debit card. Just make sure you check your statements regularly to ensure you are not being defrauded.

Using double entry book-keeping, every financial transaction has a debit and credit entry. The debit being a positive number, and the credit being negative. For example a sale is a credit to the P&L, and a debit to the Debtors Ledger.

Y ou need a "3D Secure Password" for using SBI Debit/ATM Card for online shopping but you does not require any CVV or Expiry Date. Go to the link below and register your Debit Card (for 3D Secure Password) before shopping Online.

because a debit card transaction is via online transaction only, whilst a credit card transaction can support the traditional way of using the zip-zap machine. This is proven useful when you use the credit card in foreign countries where their ICT infrastructure is unstable or none at all. By this virtue, we can conclude that credit card supports online / offline transactions and debit card only supports online transactions.

by using debit or credit cards

With a debit card you can only use money that you put in a bank and with a credit card you are using the money from the credit card company which can lead to bankruptcy if you are not careful.

No, spendings of debit cards aren't reported to credit reporting agencies. However it's possible to have a secured credit card(backed by a savings account) and build credit with that.

Citizenship is not a factor here because debit cards used as credit cards is basically delaying the payment for merchandise. Instead of having the money withdrawn immediately (debit), it is delayed a few days and taken out then (credit). Also, you are not borrowing money when using a debit card, whether as debit ot credit, because you're using money you already have.

Yes, but the funds are still withdrawn from the account that the debit card it linked to ... in other words using the debit card as a credit card is still a point of sale transaction. You cannot be extended "credit" on a debit card.

This is really not as simple as writing debit balance is or credit balance is:In accounting Debit literally means the left side and credit means the right side. The difference between a debit balance "account" and a credit balance "account" is:Debit balance accounts increase with a debit and decrease with a creditCredit balance accounts increase with a credit and decrease with a debitAssets maintain a debit balanceLiabilities and Owners Equity maintain a credit balanceThe above answer refers to accounting, however, I noticed that you also put this in Credit and Debit cards: using a bank debit or credit card is the opposite of the view you see doing accounting.On a Credit card statement for example, a credit balance would mean that the credit card company is "crediting" you with a certain amount, meaning you do not owe that amount anymore. A debit would be a rise in the balance you "owe them".

With a debit card, some banks will pass the fees onto you. This is why it's always important that you use your debit as credit. When you use your card as credit, you have the fees passed onto the merchant, rather than you.

The fastest way to pay off bills is to pay them online using a credit card or a debit card. Most companies have online bill pay options. I pay my cable, electric, rent, and credit cards online.

Bills can be paid online using a credit or debit card. An increasing number of companies are now accepting online "payment wallets" such as Pay Pal or Liberty Pay.

You can take cash on your credit card and use that to load a debit card but why? You can just use the credit card. You will be paying charges either way.

How can you buy a laptop online using credit card?

When goods refund:[Debit] Sales returns[Credit] accounts receivable / cashAdjusting entry:[Debit] sales revenue[Credit] Sales returns

People do not like putting their credit card info online, or don't like using a computer, or are worried about exchanging something that was bought online.

u can pay buy using a credit card or debit

by using VISA debit or credit card

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