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How serious is a 103.2 fever in a five year old?

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It is very serious. You need to get him/her to the doctor. If your regular doctor is unavailable you should consider the ER in you local hospital. A child with that high a fever could possibly go into convulsions.

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How many people have died from scarlet fever?

about five people a year about five people a year

How serious is a 103.3 fever in a 3 year old?

Very bad!

Is it serious if a 5 year old has swollen neck lymph node and high fever?

it is very very serious

What year is Islam in?

610-1032 ad

How serious is an 8 year old with a 103 fever?

Such high fever should generally not be taken lightly though it may not always be due to serious disease. Doctor should be consulted asap.

What day of the week was September 4 1032?

September 4th, 1032 fell on a Tuesday. The following year, it fell on a Wednesday.

When should you take a 7 year old to the doctors for fever?

As soon as possible, depending on how serious it is

How serious is a 103.2 fever in an 11 year old?

That depends entirely on the cause of the fever. Usually it is from a virus and not serious at all. If signs of a more serious infection such as specific pains, altered mental status, rashes, difficulty breathing or dehydration are present then it should be evaluated.

Is a temperature of 102.4F serious in a 2 year old?

very. When i was 2 i had a fever like that and it wasn't good.

Is 98 degrees fahrenheit a fever for a five year old?

No, anything over a 98.6 is.

When should you take your five year old to the emergency with a fever?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103

What is normally given to a 3 year old for a fever?

well nothing serious just maybe medicine and if it serious you should probably get some sleep that's it for now.

How high of a fever is too high for a five-year-old?

101-102 is moderate 102-104 is severe 104-105 is dangerous

Is 99.7 a fever for a 10 year old?

No; 99.7 is not a fever for a 10 year old.

Is 99.1 a fever in a 6 year old?

99.1 is not a fever in a 6 year old.

Is 99.8 a fever in a 11 year old?

99.8 is not a fever in a 11 year old.

Is 98.7 a fever for an eight year old child?

is 98.7 a fever for an eight year old child

How serious is a 103.6 fever in a three year old?

It is not the degree of temperature alone which is important though any fever above 102 should be taken seriously. The general condition of the child, associated symptoms and other clinical findings all have to be taken into consideration.

Will 1 baby aspirin on a 4 year old for an earache with no fever cause serious damage?

Aspirin should NEVER be used with children, EVER. It can cause Rhys Syndrom.

Which year did the Yellow Fever end and which year did it begin?

The yellow fever started December 20,1879. It never ended

How many people get the fever each year?

Its safe to say that half the world gets a fever each year.

What year did yellow fever strike Philadelphia?

1793 is when yellow fever was in philadelphia.

What year did yellow fever end?

It never ended. It is still a fever today.

Should a 103 temperature 18 year old male go to hospital?

Yes, he has some type of infection. Give him Motrin or Tylenol to reduce his fever and get him to a doctor. This could be serious.

How many people died from scarlet fever?

Currently, it is estimated that about five people die from scarlet fever a year in the United States. In the past, epidemics caused an increase in fatalities from this illness. For example, it is known that 2089 people died from scarlet fever in Massachusetts alone during the 1858-59 epidemic.

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