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It is not possible to tell how serious the painful lump is without getting it looked at by a doctor. The best solution is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional.

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What causes a comet's tail to be pushed?

A comets tail is pushed because of the solar wind.

What causes puss on tonsils?

if it is painful it is an infection most likely strep. Sometimes yeast usually in young kids and babies. If it is not painful, smells bad , and comes off easily, it may be chewed food that gets trapped and collects in the pockets and grooves of tonsils. Later to be pushed out as a rotten ball of food.

What causes rocks to be pushed to the earth's surface?


What causes magma to be pushed up and out of a volcano?


Why have i got a blue painful spot on my leg?

ummmm maybe because he pushed to hard when he had his penis in side of you.

What causes grinding noises when accelerator is pushed?

It may me that your brake is on.

What causes an object to slow down no longer being pushed?

Friction !

What causes the plates to be pulled apart?

magma being pushed up to earths surface causes plates to be pulled apart

The force that causes moving objects in a circle to be pushed outward?

Centrifugal force

Solar radiation causes wind which is pushed to the left or right by what?

the Corialis Effect

What are the causes of the diseases or disorders of the HUMAN eye?

aqueous humor pushed back into the vitreous humor which again is pushed against the retina which result into blindness

What action of the heart causes the blood to be pushed under high pressure?

the contraction of the cardiac muscle

What causes objects to slow down when they are no longer pushed?

The weight of the objects or due to the force

What causes downwelling?

The Coriolis Effect causes water to be pushed onto shore and when the water on the surface of the sea becomes denser than the water beneath it, it sinks.

How does Lady Macbeth contribute macbeths demise?

She causes it. He would never have murdered Duncan if she hadn't pushed him to it.

What causes a grinding sound in the front driver side when in first and second gear then stops when in third gear or when the clutch is pushed down it only does it when the car is warm?

Your breaks are probably worn down or have sand or stones in them you might want to get it checked out at you car's dealership it could be serious.

What causes the glowing of a neon light?

An electrical current is pushed through a tube full of one of the noble gasses(we periodic table of elements) and it causes the gas to glow.

What type of friction would be used to cause a book to slow down and stop when pushed?

Sliding friction causes a book to slow down and stop when pushed. ------- Might also be known as dynamic friction.

What causes sand dunes?

Sand dunes are formed when sand is pushed by the wind into a very, very small mound.

What causes water to be pushed up through an artisan well?

pressure of the ground strata around the water pocket

When the starter button is pushed on 2003 Honda Fourtrax 350 what causes it to click?

dead battery

How do sailboats move?

The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.

What causes vibration through the staring column that stops when the brake pedal is pushed?

normally loose brake pads or discs

How are tree frogs streamlined?

i think they are streamlined because their legs are pushed by the air which lifts them up and which causes them to jump/bounce.

When a car turns a corner causes its passengers to feel like they are being pushed away from the direction of the turn?