How sexually compatible are Virgo women and cancer man?

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May 27, 2009 2:40PM

In general a Virgo - Cancer relationship tends to be harmonious.

For Cancers love, sex & marriage are synonymous and more or less inseparable. They do not want complication in their sex lives. As well, they perform best in a secure environment where interruptions are unlikely to occur, thus allowing them to relax and enjoy the experience. Casual sex is not really an option here, as they tend to become deeply and emotionally attached to their partners.

For Virgos sex is a natural and healthy act, but as they tend to be very body conscious they need to be with someone they know well and trust implicitly. Virgos tend to be looking more for a long term and permanent relationship that includes a healthy sex life. They are not inclined to casual sex so be sure your heart is engaged here.