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How should a 13-year-old boy tell his parents he likes to wear women's underwear?

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2009-04-12 11:01:49

== == First of all, I want you to realize that there is nothing

"wrong" with you as long as it doesn't interfere with your normal

life. J Edgar Hoover was a very famous and influential director of

the FBI and it is reported that he was engaged in cross-dressing

his entire life. So as long as it doesn't keep you from getting

done what needs to be done I would not worry about it. And cross

dressing does not mean you are gay either. Although I don't see

anything wrong with being gay, I just want to point out that the

two are not directly related. Considering this, you have to ask

yourself WHY you want to tell your parents. If you are looking for

support you may not get it. Don't bother. Seek support from people

with similar desires. It depends on the parents. If you are looking

for HELP, that's another issue. Then you just gather up the guts

and spurt it out in one sentence "Mom, I have a problem with liking

women's clothing and I like to dress up in them and I want you to

find me someone who can help me get over it." From there it will

take a life of it's own but at least it will give your mother a

chance to realize you want to change this without her having to

grope around with the problem of hurting y our feelings if she were

to suggest that you get help. AT YOUR AGE, you are very interested

in experimenting with women's clothing; they may give you a feeling

of arousal, the smoothness of the panties touching your body etc...

This is a minor act of TRANSVESTISM; one sex wearing the clothing

of the opposite sex. Many men do it as do women. It does NOT define

your sexuality! Since you are young and you are experimenting with

just wearing panties, why do you feel the need to tell your

parents? It could just be a phase you are going through, and you

are not doing anything horrible. As long as you are not stealing

panties from stores, (could be VERY embarrassing if you get

caught), or anything else illegal, why not just enjoy wearing the

panties and see what happens over time. No one can see them, so

they can't judge you. Lying to your parents and not telling your

parents something that is very personal to you is not the same. If

your parents ASK you if you are wearing panties, you shouldn't lie,

as this leads to distrust. HOWEVER, not VOLUNTEERING the fact that

you are wearing panties, is NOT lying. Take it slow and see what

develops. Some boys and young men are sexually aroused by wearing

panties, and for a while may masturbate with panties on. Some guys

get it out of their systems and get bored with it, and it's over.

Others may really enjoy it and want to progress to wearing women's

outer clothing, high heels and make-up. If you progress to that

point where you can no longer keep it private, you may want to

speak to your parents about it, or another trusted adult in your

life. KEEP IN mind that while you are wearing panties, there is a

slight chance that it could be exposed, like if you are hurt or in

an accident and have to go to the emergency room and have your

clothes removed or even if a male friend decides to "PANTS" you

(sneak up behind you and pull down your outer pants), there is that

possibility, although rare, that you could be publicly humiliated.

Keep that in mind. Maybe just wear the panties when you are home or

out by yourself to avoid a very embarrassing situation. GOOGLE

"transvestite" or "transvestism" and read a little about the

practice of "cross-dressing". You may get some insight that will

help you with this. I hope I've helped you. Good Luck Buddy!

<<>> Why do you feel you have to tell them? This is a

personal choice and it's no big deal. No one can see them but you

and let's face it they are more comfortable then men's. There are

men's briefs and boxers that are made of the same material as the

ladies, cotton, satin and lycra, maybe you can find some pairs in a

upscale department store. A lot of dads don't like to hear these

things because of the femininity of the issue. If you must, just be

honest with them and tell them why you like to wear them. If they

aren't uptight then it really shouldn't matter.

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