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How should a boy greet a girl in the morning so she will begin a conversation with him?



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* Hi! * Hey! * Hello! * Good Morning! * Good to see you! * Have a great day! * What's on your schedule today? * Ready for the test in xxx this afternoon?(not appropriate)

* Going to the game on Friday? How ever you feel comfortable talking to her is something your going to have to figure out. It is awkward to be the one to break the ice but after that it gets easier. How do kids your age talk to one another. Hey, hows it going or Hey whats up. Best bet is just be you and be as calm as possible and then be ready to talk about other stuff. The dead silence after saying hello is scary. Get to know some of her likes and dislikes and talk about that stuff. Talk about teachers you have in common or places in your town you can go. Ask something that will get a conversation going. ask her opinion on something. insult her in a nice way that she will laugh and defend herself.