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she should just smile.

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Just Give Them A Friendly Smile :)

If a girl always stares at you, it means that she is interested in you. Something about you she finds intersting. You should talk to her.

You should build up the courage to talk to her.

well, if them dont lik u., the obviously like sum1 else! lol if a girl stares or glances at sum1 often, if them are always smiling or grinning around them, if they spend alot of time with them, yea.... have fun luver boi

She should put it in her mouth.

He stares a lot. He laughs at whatever she says even if its not that funny. He glances at her and then quickly turns away so he wont get caught. He flirts with her. Or, if shes lucky, he'll come right out and say it!

yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u

It means she wants your along dong dong

Then the boy probably likes the girl or is staring at her that makes her appealing to him. The girl might feel uncomfortable and will get mad at him if the boy constantly stares at her.

There are a lot of fetishes out there, she probably has a lip fetish

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

If a girl stares at you with a dreamy look on her face, she's probably crushing on you. If you like her, try starting a conversation with her.

when she stares at your lips and plays wit your hair if your not sure just go for it - but back off if she objects.

That means shes interested in you. You should maybe ask her out or maybe she'll ask you out before you do Just wait :)

If she stares at you then it might mean that she likes you or maybe she likes someone around you or thinks you are cute.

It means the girl want to have SMEX WITH HIM

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

When a girl stares at you from the corner of her eyes, she is being flirtatious, and seductive.

It means She wants you to kiss her.

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