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The question above has nothing to do with love. Love makes what 30% of a relationship and there are many other things to consider. You can love someone with all your heart but if they keep hurting you, that does not mean you should remain in the relationship because you love them. Or if there are trust issues you can't get over , then there is no use being in the relationship if you've tried to overcome them in vain.

All I'm saying is look deep into your heart to see if what you thought was love still exists and then use your head, to figure out if there any obstacles to the relationship u cannot handle anymore or that can be worked out. Then make a decision, the sooner the better, if it is worth it to stay and make it work or to leave for the better of you too. Communicate these issues too, just don't start acting weird. Yep, making decisions are not easy!! especially with matters of the heart, but they have to be done!

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How do you no if your lesbian lover dont want you anymore?

well im a guy, but im sure the same principles apply. sit her down and ask her if she feels your relationship is the way it should be. ask her if she is happy with the way your relationship is going

Should valerie divorce aldo?

yes sure, if she doesn't love him anymore

Don't see boyfriend anymore?

if you don't want to see your boyfriend anymore then don't worry. what i think you should do is just tell him how you feel, I'm sure he should understand.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

What do you do if your boyfriend does not want to go out?

I'm afraid I'm in the same boat, though not sure he doesn't want this relationship anymore. If you know for sure that he doesn't want to be with you, there is no point to the relationship anymore. You are only going to hurt yourself if you continue with it and become more emotionally involved. Besides, don't you think you can better dedicate your time to another guy? Don't stay in a one-way relationship.

If a guy has a longterm girlfriend since before you met him but now he's acting like he likes you more than her how do you know for sure?

well he cant be trusted if hes still in a relationship, that is not like its more like lust, and if he really likes you he will leave you alone so as not to lead you on while hes in his current relationship.

What is complex relationship?

If you're having to ask yourself that while in the relationship, you should have a sit down with your partner and make sure neither of you feel that you are in a complex relationship.

What does it mean if my boyfriend says the relationship probably won't work out?

It means he is not sure of the future of the relationship. You should have asked him the reasons for this statement.

I'm not sure if my boyfriend has trust in me what should i do?

You should ask him, a relationship is built on trust, and can't survive without it.

When dating when should you ask to be exclusive?

When you can be sure it's best for your relationship and you both can commit

If you are 17 can you date someone who is 18?

Sure you can just make sure that you and that person are on the same page in the relationship you and the person should have the same goals and be in the relationship for the same reasons and always be open to communication.

When should all parents meet in a relationship in son relationship?

after a year and so or maybe even 6 months but be sure you love the person

How long in a relationship should someone wait to tell a person you love them?

My opinion is that you should wait until your sure you love the person, you should no when you do.

Can a guy hang out with a girl who has a boyfriend if her and her boyfriend are both cool with it?

Yes sure this possible. Having a relationship does not mean you should stop other relationship with friends. But you should know your limits

I am 15 What should you do if your boyfriend says the relationship is dull?

Keep ur virginity! That's for sure.

You like this girl who doesn't talk to you anymore should you txt her?

You need to ask yourself this first, "why isn't she talking to me anymore?" Before even deciding if you should text her or not. I'm not sure about your situation with this girl, but a friendly "hello" or "hey, how are you?" shouldn't hurt.

Howcome Kenny bozich is not drumming for the almost anymore?

i do believe that he was getting married but i'm not sure. Read The Almost's wiki, it should be there!

What should you do if a guy asked you out?

If you know him well enough and want a relationship with him go for it. If your not sure tell him you don't want to be in a relationship right now. Good luck :)

Do hummingbirds exsit anymore?

Oh sure.

Should you date your sister's friend?

You should make sure your sister is ok with that first. If she doesn't seem to be very relaxed about it, you may prefer a good relationship with your sister to a dating relationship that might not even work out.

If you ruined your relationship and you want that guy back and you tried for months and months and your still more than just friends but not dating what does this mean?

This meansa) he doesn't want to be with you anymore.b) he wants to be with you but isn't sure if youwould.or,c) he still loves you but doesn't know if it will work out anymore.

Sample letter for child taken out of country?

im not sure of how this letter should be written but im pretty sure it has to be notarized. i would think you should just state who you are and the relationship to the child and the dates, where they are going and who with.

What should I do as i have just met this guy who's really into me but I'm not sure if I'm into him or want a relationship?

well just ask to be friends I'm sure he understand

What should be done to combat relationship abuse in south Africa?

we must make sure that the polices are every where to cotrol what is going on and make sure that everyone is okay

What if your crush likes you but your not ready for a relationship?

You should hang out with him/her as friends and just be friends with him/her until you'r sure your ready.