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How should a mason decide how much to charge per brick?

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Whatever the going rate is in your area or what you think your worth.

2007-02-04 18:47:57
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When was Brick Mason born?

Brick Mason was born in c. 1954.

What do you call person who builds things with brick or stone?

A brick mason, a stone mason or a builder.

How much does a brick mason make an hour?


How much money does a brick mason earn?

my husband has been a brick mason for 5 years, and he makes $20 an hour. Im sure it is different depending on where you live though.

What is a mason in old colonial times?

A mason was a builder who was skilled at working with brick and stone or what is called masonry.

What do you call someone who lays bricks?

He is called a brick mason.

Who builds with bricks?

( The third little piggy ) ... A Brick Mason ...

What training do you need to become a brick mason?

You would become an apprentice with a journeyman brick layer and from there learn the trade.

What is a job outlook for a brick mason?

A little muddy right now...

How much does a brick mason pay?

18.00 to 20.00 dollars per hour

What is a boys name that is also the name for a craftsman who LAYS BRICK OR STONE?


What does the last name mason mean in history?

It actually means a Brick Layer. Back in history they used to call brick layer's "Mason's"

What profession name can you spell with the letters amnos?

The anagram is "mason" (constructs with brick and stone).

How many brick can a mason lay day?

Straight wall....800 to 1000 Bump outs, many corners, brick details....350 to 500

What is the job of a mason?

The job of a mason is to work with stone and brick. A mason would build steps, walls, fix broken concrete on walkways, and other jobs that involve working in stone materials.

What was a medieval mason?

A mason is a person who makes buildings from stone, or brick. In the middle ages he had a lot of work since most buildings were made this way.

What is the need for half brick bonding?

Half-brick bonding is a method of installing brick in staggered form to create a stronger structure. An old mason used to say to me "one over two...then keep going"

What profession can you spell with the letters amnos?

The profession is a "mason" (a worker in stone, brick, stucco, or tile).

How many cubic meter of brick work can do one mason per day?

1.25 m3

What is a mason tender?

A mason tender is also known as a "hod carrier" or "laborer". He is an assistant to the mason. He does not actually lay brick or block. A mason tender stocks supplies, builds scaffolding, mixes mortar, performs saw cuts and does general clean up.

What was the job of a mason?

The job of a mason mainly entails building stone structures. The common types of masons include stone masons, brick masons and concrete masons.

Can you add a window to a brick home?

yes but youll need a mason to cut out the area were you want the window..

Where can mason jar recipes be found?

Mason jar recipes can be found on many different sites free of charge including, and

What does mason mean and do in 'The Cask of Amontillado'?

"Mason" means a worker who build structures primarily with brick and mortar. It is interesting in this short story, because of how it ends. But you'll have to read it to find out why.

How much does a brick mason make per week?

they make 10, thousand dollars a week when very busy