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The first question a novice needs to ask themselves is, "How hard am I willing to work?" If you give up after hearing the word "no" more than a few times then you should have never started in the first place. First you will need to do the research and find the appropriate way to write a reality television show pitch. Download examples off of the internet but make sure that they are legitimate. They will give you a good place to start. Once you have that written and edited you should register the works on the writers guild. This will give you a basic copywrite to the idea. Now that you have that in place you need to research production comapanies by watching the credits at the end of each show. There are thousands of production companies out there that are interested in new ideas however they are sent tens of thousands every year. So what makes yours so speacial? You do! Now, start making alot of phone calls to these production companies and find out the process for submitting your works to them. While making these phone calls you will come to find little hidden pieces of contact information. Some will tell you that you need an agent to represent you that they are familiar with. This is not true. Why would someone want to rep you if they have never heard of you? I could go on forever but there is no one specific way to break into this business. Send your idea to as many people as you can and remember that you are going to be the one to break into this business based on your determination. Call everyone that you can to find information. You may be surprised as to who you are able to get a hold of! You will not be successful by mailing your ideas to these companies. you need to get face to face meetings! Then they will hear you.

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dear mr clifton i would just like to know who to email to pitch an idea i really just wanna give my opinion to someone who can accomplish it

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Q: How should a novice pitch an idea for a reality television show?
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