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Just be honest. Say you haven't been employed as a waiter before but good people skills and a genuine desire to learn new traits and techniques should enable you to fall into the position easily.

2007-08-19 04:02:12
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What should you wear to an interview for a waiter?

depends on the resturant.

What are the duty of a waiter?

The waiter is the person who takes the customers order, passes it to the kitchen, then delivers the food to the customer. The customers whole experience of the restaurant is usually determined by how well the waiter performs his duties. It is very important for the waiter to become a professional friend to the customer and do everything possible to make sure the customer enjoys the experience and comes back again. The waiter should be able to advise the customer on how the numerous dishes on the menu are prepared and make recommendations to customers who are unsure or struggling to make a choice. A good waiter is there when needed but doesnt hang around when not needed.

Who is in charge of setting up interviews in a restaurant?

a waiter is incharge of the interview

What is a front waiter?

A waiter that has 1-2 years of experience that works close to the captain.

What is junior waiter?

A junior waiter is a youth waiter like to example a person that is 12 11 13 14 and 15 working as a waiter job would be a junior waiter

What is the skill of waiter?

a skill of a waiter should perform good attitude and should show the needs of the customer.

which is the best waiter padsΒ ?

waiter padsΒ  EPOS systems, increase revenue, efficiency and reduce costs, made for hospitality, retail businesses - we are the experts - over 75 years' combined experience

What is the name of a person that serves food in a restaurant?


What is a person that hand out appetizers?

server, waiter/waitress

What is a good waiter?

A good waiter is one that is always aware of your needs; i.e., more tea, coffee, bread, etc., but remains in the background. This person should refill your tea without asking, if you are getting low. Attentiveness is the key.

What is the error in this sentence After they had finished their meal they asked the waiter the bill?

It should read ".... they asked the waiter for the bill."

What is an in-person server?

like a waiter or gas attendant

What is waiter duty?

Waiter duties involve taking guest food orders, ensuring the customer receives their order accurately and in a timely manner, and meets any other needs of the patron. Ensuring a positive guest experience is the most important function of a waiter.

What do you call a person that serves meals?

server aka waiter/waitress

What is the name given to a person who has the career food service?

waiter or waitress

What do you call the person who serves us food in restaurant?

A waiter or a waitress.

What is a common noun of waitress and waiter?

The nouns 'waitress' and 'waiter' are both common nouns, words for any waitress or waiter anywhere.A common noun is a word for any person, place, or thing; a waitress and a waiter are persons.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Waiter On The Way, Fort Wayne, IN, food delivery serviceWaitress Embry Road, Morgantown, KYWaiter Alley, Millheim, PA"Waitress" 2007 movie starring Keri Russell

What is waiter station and what can be found?

A waiter station has everything that the waiter needs to help a table with from start to finish. The station includes napkins, utensils, drink glasses, a soda machine, lemons, and more. There is sometimes a bus person station that shares some things that the waiter station has.

How much should you tip a waiter or waitress?

About 20% of your meal.

Should the waiter ever ask the customer for a tip?

* No the waiter/waitress should never ask for a tip. It is up to the patron to decide if the waiter/waitress deserves a tip for good service. In some higher end restaurants tips (gratuities) are included in the price of your bill.

What is the name of a person who works in a sandwich bar?

A person who works in a sandwich bar is called a server, a waitress or a waiter.

What is waitering?

a waiter is a person in a restaurant who takes orders and serves food to partrons

Who said Someone who is nice to you but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person?

Santa Claws

What do you call a person who takes order in a restaurant?

A waiter if they are male or a waitress if they are female

Questions might you be asked in an interview for a position as a waiter in a restaurant?

why would you be a great addition to our company? how would you be a great addition to our company? what is your number one ambition?