How should cigars be stored?


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In a humidor, a specially designed encasement for keeping cigars. It has constant humidity and uses a hygrometer to measure humidity levels.

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As close to 70 degrees as you can get them. Less, you will have a hard time putting enough humidity in them. More, and you risk a tobacco beetle out break.

Normally this reads, "is it legal to import Cuban cigars from a retailer in Europe?" And the answer is of course no, you can't import Cuban cigars from anywhere. Dry-cured cigars are popular in Europe. These are machine-made cigars that have been dried in an oven so they don't need to be stored in a humidor. You can import all of these you want, so long as they don't contain Cuban tobacco.

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Cigars generally do not have an expiry date. However, they may turn stale when its stored for a long period of time. Its advisable not to use them if its shelfed for a long time, as there may be any poisonous substance which would inturn be harmful to your health.

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