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How should you answer 'Describe your leadership qualities' on a job application?

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You could give examples of any types of leadership you have been involved in. Tell them of times when you have led a team or even a small amount of people. Leadership qualities can also include managing a team, setting good examples to others and how well you are able to deal with people, for instance being able to adapt to all kinds of people on all levels from management & above to the general public. Good luck, hope that's helped a bit! __________________________________________________________________ Another suggested way of describing your leadership skills would be.... 1. Describe how you were proactive (leadership skill - Take initiative) 2. Describe how your team performs with and without you . The team should have become a well oiled machine working under you. 3. Descibe the scenario when you had to take an important decision and how you took the decision (Leadersip skill - decision making) __________________________________________________________________

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How should I answer describe your negative qualities on a job application?

When you are asked to describe your negative qualities on a job application, you should be creative. Highlight on things that you are working on to get better in like meeting deadlines, working under no supervision and so on.

What qualities should a politician possess?

leadership quality

Why should the leader be male?

It's not so. It can be a woman also. It just depends on the good leadership qualities in them

What to write when asked personal qualities skills and attributes in nursing job?

what should i wriite in a job application for personal qualities skills and attributes

What are the qualities of a school captain?

he/she should have a number of good qualities such as honesty, respect, listening and leadership. He/she should be a polite and respectful student both to teachers and students. He/she should be a good public speaker and most important he/she should be well organized.

How can you describe yourself on a job application?

The best way to describe yourself on a job application is by focusing on your skills and abilities. You should tell your interviewer why you are best for the job.

Describe your personal qualities that suit of this position as a management trainee?

Those seeking careers in management, or acceptance into a management training program, should possess certain skills and aptitudes. Leadership skills are important, as are strong communication skills.

What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have?

the key qualities a successful manger should be leadership the ability to be the visionary for the people who work under can them the person who could set the course and direct for support the high course call for a true leader.

Describe your best friend?

A best friend should have many qualities. They should be loyal, trustworthy, and a person that you can count on in a time of need.

What qualifications are needed for a software tester?

A software tester should have good communication skills. In addition, she should have testing skills, leadership qualities, and analytical and judging skills.

What are the personality profile of varios qualities of a human resouse manager?

he should be motivating, have leadership quality,confident,good communication and pleasant personality.

Can you give a sample of application letter for English tutorial?

An application letter for an English tutorial should describe the areas that the learner is experiencing difficulty in. It should include specific skills to work on.

How would you describe your leadership style?

You should describe your leadership style to prospective employers in more detail than a generic statement about being a natural leader. You want to answer in a concise manner to let them know that you can adapt to situations and lead your team and give an example.

Describe your personal qualities that suit the requirements of a management trainee?

There are many personal qualities which a good manager should have. Some of those traits are dependability, optimism, flexibility, and self motivation

What qualities should a dependable person possess?

leadership willingness to help others timely goal oriented always performs their best no matter what situation they are handed

What adjectives should you use to describe your work quality?

Answer If I were to describe my work qualities, I'd say that I'm hard working, driven to do good work and hungry for raises and promotions.

What changes leadership qualities bring in ones personal and professional lives?

I think leadership quality will help the person cope with the challenges he face in a professional way and he will feel that he has the authority and power to control the place he exist and he should be self confident

Why should you cultivate divine qualities?

why should we cultivate divine qualities

What Things that describe Henry ford?

hardworking,helpful,self-confidence,a taste for taking risks, leadership ability and a vision of what the future should be

Leadership qualities of dr a p j Abdul Kalam?

He is very hardworking and determined.He believes in following.He is perfect example of how a leader should be.His thoughts are so motivating.

Describe the qualities you have which makes you feel you are the ideal person for the position you are applying for?

When answering this question, keep in mind the qualifications required in the position for which you are applying. Your qualities should be in alignment with what the company needs in a person to fill this position.

Do you capitalize leadership class?

Yes. It should be Leadership Class.

What should you write to any other additional information on a application form?

If there is a space on a job application for additional information, a person can add any qualities they have that would make them an asset. They may also add additional contact information.

What do you think is a managers role What qualities should they possess?

The role of a manager is to keep the other people doing their jobs efficiently and to pick up any slack from others. The qualities they need to possess would be leadership skills as well as the ability to work well with others.

How should you reply if asked to describe your personal qualities that suit the requirements of this position?

== If you have to ask that question...== ..,no offense intended, you might not enjoy the position which you are considering.