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You could give examples of any types of leadership you have been involved in. Tell them of times when you have led a team or even a small amount of people. Leadership qualities can also include managing a team, setting good examples to others and how well you are able to deal with people, for instance being able to adapt to all kinds of people on all levels from management & above to the general public. Good luck, hope that's helped a bit! __________________________________________________________________ Another suggested way of describing your leadership skills would be.... 1. Describe how you were proactive (leadership skill - Take initiative) 2. Describe how your team performs with and without you . The team should have become a well oiled machine working under you. 3. Descibe the scenario when you had to take an important decision and how you took the decision (Leadersip skill - decision making) __________________________________________________________________

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Q: How should you answer 'Describe your leadership qualities' on a job application?
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When you are asked to describe your negative qualities on a job application, you should be creative. Highlight on things that you are working on to get better in like meeting deadlines, working under no supervision and so on.

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leadership quality

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he/she should have a number of good qualities such as honesty, respect, listening and leadership. He/she should be a polite and respectful student both to teachers and students. He/she should be a good public speaker and most important he/she should be well organized.

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Those seeking careers in management, or acceptance into a management training program, should possess certain skills and aptitudes. Leadership skills are important, as are strong communication skills.

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Probationary officer must posses certain qualities like : He/She should be patient enough to deal with the situations. He/She should be friendly to all the subordinates. should posses a good communication skill. And the most important He/She should have management and leadership skills...

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the key qualities a successful manger should be leadership the ability to be the visionary for the people who work under can them the person who could set the course and direct for support the high course call for a true leader.

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he should be motivating, have leadership quality,confident,good communication and pleasant personality.

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