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The main thing is to just be honest. Think about what you really want to do with your future and where you want to be. Surely there is something you'd rather be doing if time and money were no object. If you truly cannot think of anything, then just be honest that you are still trying to decide those.

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Q: How should you answer 'What are your long term goals'?
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How would you determine when short term or long term goals should drive a decision?

With experience and maturity, we improve our abilities to predict longer-term results of our actions We need to avoid short-term injury that lasts long-term, most of our decisions should be tailored to the long-term. As humans we have been given the smarts to look into the future. We should realize the potential by making good decisions for the long-term. Short-term goals should always be there to contribute to the success of long-term goals. If you expect to actually accomplish your long term goals then your short term goals set to reach the long term goals should drive your everyday decisions. Short term goals are more realistic to envision and accomplish, but they should be structured with your long term goals in mind. When a decision is made that is in conflict with your goals due to some desire for immediate pleasure or satisfaction, it is likely that none or few of your goals will ever be realized. Goals ultimately provide a path to follow in life. Everyday short term goals such as a to-do list are valuable in getting things done. Short term goals that are steps toward long term goals provide to-do lists for the long term goals, they are stepping stones. When should goals drive a decision? That depends on how important the goals are in your life. If a long term goal is to purchase a home and you need a down payment and extra money for decorating and furniture there is a monetary goal as well as an educational goal. If your daily life gets in the way of saving money for that home your long term goal of a down payment is either pushed further out or nonexistent.

What are long term and short term goals?

Long term goals are goals for the future or that will last a while, short term goals are goals that will last a short time or are for a near date. Only when a person succeeds in the short term career goals are they able to get on to their long term career goals.

What are the long term goals?

Long-term goals refer to goals that a person has for the course of their lives. For instance, getting married and having children are long-term goals.

What is the difference between a short term goal and a lond term goal?

The answer is really simple: Short-term goals are ones that you will achieve in the near future and Long-term goals are ones that you will achieve over a longer period of time. Long-term goals often are our most meaningful and important goals. Usually short term goals call tactical goals and the long-term goals - strategic goals. Both of them should be closely tied to an organization's mission and vision statement.

Is it possible that short term goals be set to help achieve specific long term goals?

Long term goals always involve short term goals.

What are 3 long term goals?

Long term goals are goals you set for the future- long term. For example, one of your long term goals might be to go to Washington, DC for a family vacation in the future. Make your goals specific and clear.

How do you convert long term goals into short term goals?

Decide what your long-term goal will be - then divide it into manageable short-term goals to achieve your aim.

What are the long term plans?

Long- Term plans are similar to Long- Term goals. Long- Term goals are goals that you plan to accomplish over a long period of time. So Long-Term plans are plans that you hava and want to do over a long time.

Why is it important to have short term goals as well as long-term goals?

Short-term goals help you reach your long-term goal on step at a time.

Long term goals and short term?

What are your long term and short term career goals ?My short-term goal is to get recruited in a company.

What are some computer engineer goals?

some long term goals or short term goals.

What are the short term and long term goals of a student?

a students short term goals are to get good grades, and make honor roll. their long term goals are to get into a good college and get a good job.

What are short term career goals?

Short term career goals are the goals you set to attain in a short term leading to the your long term goal.

How do short terms goals help you reach long term goals?

Your short term goals should be the steps that you need to take in order to fulfill the long term goals. For example, if you want to save $1,000 you might have short term goals to save $100 every month. Or if you want to improve your grades, your short term goals would be to complete your homework assignments every day and to study for each test.

How do short term goals differ from long term goals?

They can be reached more easily

How does short term goals differ from long term goals?

Short-term goals are often a 'quick fix'. Long-term goals take more planning and discipline to maintain.

Identify two of your long-term education goals?

select two long term educational or Carrier goals.

What are the Short term goals and long terms goals?

A short-term is a health goal that can be reached in a short amount of time.A long-term are goals that take a longer amount of time to reach.

Goals or objectives of admission system in AIOU?

goals are long term and objectives are short term

Explain the relationship between short-term goals and long-term goals?

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What are your short term and long term career-goals?

Short term goals are those that you wish to acheive in the coming year, long tem goals are those that you hope to accomplish over the next five or more years

A long term goal can be achived in the near future?

False...(APEX) Generally long term goals take a long period of time, however, depending on what you goal is, and how things play themself out. then yes, a long term goal CAN be achieved in near future, but you have to be realistic in defining what is "long term" and "short term" are. only when you succeed in the short term goals you are able to get on to your long term goals.

What are your long range and short range goals and objectives?

Your short and long range goals should speak to your character. Your short term goals should entail getting hired by the company in question. Long range goals can include obtaining additional degrees or obtaining a management position in the industry you seek employment.

Why do you want to purse MBA?

Your main answer should be weaved aroung long term and short term career goals. Try to answer these questions and you would be able to weave the answer yourself. :) * Why do you want to do an MBA now? * What are your short term career goals? * What are your long term career goals? * Do you think you would be able to make a good fit in a XYZ School?

How do short term goals differ from long-term goals?

The term "long-term goals" are those that are reached over a period of time, usually with several intermediate steps. Short-term goals are those that can be accomplished sooner, by making changes over a few days or weeks.