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In an interview, the person would answer that question according to what that person has experienced: what was the most difficult situation or experience that you (the person) encountered. Be honest and straight-forward.

2006-08-17 00:30:10
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Q: How should you answer 'What do you consider the most difficult situation or experience in your life which you have dealt with' in a job interview?
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How do you think humor can be used in a difficult situation?

what do you mean by difficult situation.i consider here it as heated argument.

To consider the morality of a situation is to think about?

What in the situation is morally right or wrong, or more simply good and bad, about the situation in the context of the human experience.

What is three job interview questions?

Why did you leave your last job? What experience do you have in this field? Do you consider yourself successful?

Describe your working experience?

my working experienced is very interesting especially in a career of meeting several kind of individuals dealing with different ways of characteristics on every walks of life.when encountered on a difficult situation conflict in discussion one and foremost to consider is humility in nature.

What are interview questions?

It would be a bit flippant to answer by saying they are questions you get asked at interview! Essentially they are questions designed to see if you have the skills and competencies to do the job that the employer is trying to fill. So as a big hint check out the advert to see what they are looking for then consider where you have this experience. A guide for preparing for interview is in the links below

How do you answer in an interview?

There are several approach on how to best answer interview questions and the better interview questions focus on situational scenarios based on your experience. Prior to the interview, review your past positions and think about the major challenges, successes, issues, risks and think about how you addressed the situations, what actions did you take and what was the end result. A lot of people forget to mention that actual result of the action and rely on just the situation, tasks and actions taken. By following up with the results, you give the interviewers "nuggest" to reflect upon as they consider how well you related to the position and their culture. Andy Makar Author, Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy

How do you summarize your experiences in a complex job at an interview?

The important thing is to focus in on what is relevant for the job you're interviewing for. Take time before the interview to carefully consider how your previous job experience has prepared you for this one. Try to communicate what is most relevant instead of summarizing everything you did before.

Job interview what you can do?

Depending on your age there is no limit to the job interviews you can do. Typically you want to consider you skill set(i.e your education level, various experience, age etc) and find a job that best suits your level and interest. Fast food allows for almost anyone to interview while a high ranking institution such a bank will require certain credentials and licenses that require extensive knowledge and experience.

What are questions that are usually asked in the job interview?

What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?

How do you respond to the following in a job interview - 'What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why do you say this?

I would flatter the egos of the interviewers and make it equally difficult for them to continue by saying that my greatest achievement was actually being interviewed by them for that job, the only thing which could better it would be to be offered the position. Reason - the company is an acknowledged leader in the field and if they consider that I am worthy of interview then I must have achieved a similar standing in their view!

What are the factors of a firm consider while make or buy decision?

A successful job interview

What should you consider as you answer each question that an employer asks for an interview?

Whatever comes to you first!

Why you must dress appropriately for interview?

so that you look smart and organised - this will help them to consider you!

Do you consider yourself a forward thinker interview question?

Such questions can be answered only by yourself.

What have you done in your work experience that you consider is creative?

During an interview, there are many ways to let a potential employer know that one is creative. A person might mention any projects they took initiative on, or any work they did that was particularly inventive.

Describe a situation in your life personal or professional which you consider a major achievement?

I made a big name in a big company like Talaat Mustafa Group at 6 months although my experience is 2 years.

Describe your greatest success?

In a job interview this question can only be answered by you. That is why the question is asked. Before going to an interview consider the questions you may be asked, such as this one, and prepare an answer.

Why honesty is important in business?

It's not - suggest you consider political situation

How do you conduct an interview?

First, you start with general questions that are normally asked in an interview (i.e. What is your purpose for doing this? or Why is it that you did this...? or What is your goal...?) Next, you consider the more personal questions of that person (i.e. What do you plan to do when you succeed...?) and such questions as that. Last, have fun and ask questions that benefit your listeners and further information that you are seeking. **Make it a fun experience for yourself, the person you are interviewing and the listeners.

Job interview for an office staff?

I am guessing you are asking about what to expect in an interview for an office job. The start point is to consider what competencies (skills & behaviours) they are likely to be looking for. That will depend on the type of job, but as a start they would probably want to check out yourinterpersonal skillswhether you aree a team playerattention to detailcommunication skillsYou need to consider your previous experience and where you have shown good positive evidence of these things. The link below takes you to a good free resource on interviews

How do you answer the job interview question What you consider your personal strength?

I am a team player, easy to get along with and a hard worker.

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Why is erosions consider as a bad thing?

It depends on how the situation is it can be both good and bad.

What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?

When answering this question during an interview you should focus on things that are relative to the position you are applying for. Do some research about the company and the position before you go to your interview.

Describe your most rewarding experience?

There are a number of different experience that you may consider to be your most rewarding experience. Being able to work with disadvantaged children may be your most rewarding experience for example.