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Such questions are fairly typical of those you will be presented with when applying for a job

As with most things, it is all about preparation. If you fail to prepare then be prepared to fail. There are many 'standard' questions. There are no standard answers as most are asking about you personally. Because of that no one but yourself can answer many of the questions you will be asked. Think about such questions in advance and have your answers ready. There are many sources of the type of questions you may be presented with. The internet and your local library being the main ones. Be positive; do not repeat what you have read in books or on the Internet. By all means read sample answers but do not repeat them verbatim. The person interviewing you will have read all those answers too.

There is more to having a successful job interview than just answering the questions asked. Many would say much more. First impressions count for far more than many realise.

Dress for the part. Be punctual and polite. Listen to what is being said. Answer only the question asked. (Don't ramble)

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Q: How should you answer 'What interests you about this position'?
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