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opinion why MA's and CMA's are welcomeMedical assistants are new to our society in the aspect that they are confused with CNA's. A CMA is much different. Medical assistants learn just as much as a LPN except they learn more of the administrative part of a doctor's office and less pharmaceutical subjects. A medical office can hire a medical assistant that can work the front desk, lab, clinical, insurance, coding, and even management, when a LPN or RN mostly do clinical and labwork. This lets the office hire 1 person instead of 2, therefore saving overhead costs. LPN's and RN's are more likely to work in hospitals. Most CMA's or MA's that I know Have gone to school for a total of 2 years and have received a Associates Degree in Applied Science. Then they go on to be certified by the AAMA making them a CMA instead of a MA.
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Q: How should you answer 'Why are you interested in becoming a medical assistant'?
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Can I get training online to become a medical assistant?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do online nowadays, and becoming a medical assistant is one of them. A link to a site like should work.

How should a medical assistant behave?

aq medical assistant should behave in a professional manner.

Should the medical assistant ever discipline a disruptive child in the medical office?

should a medical assistant ever discipline a disruptive child in the medical office

Why a medical assistant should adapt to a patient's individual needs?

A medical assistant should always adapt to a patient's individual needs. This is because the patient is the one that needs help and cannot adapt to the medical assistant.

If a code is not documented in medical records the medical assistant should never code a patient as having what?

a medical assistant should never code a patient as having what unless its is documented in medical record

Why should i hire you as a medical assistant?

To help people

What does a medical assistant do for a fainting patient?

A medical assistant can help a patient who is fainting by helping the patient get to a seated position. This lessens the risk of injury to the patient from falling. The medical assistant should then instruct the patient to lower his or her head below the knees. This promotes blood flow to the brain. The patient should then be instructed by the medical assistant to breathe slowly and deliberately. In the meantime, the medical assistant should seek further assistance from a physician or other healthcare professional. The source of the patient's fainting (syncope) should be obtained.

Should a medical assistant be a people person?

yes of cousre a medical assistant should be a people they can get to know the paitent more and take care of them better that yeah..

The medical assistant should never code from the?

Alphabetic Index

Where can I find online medical assistant classes? this is a great website to help you find what you need to become a medical assistant. its quick and easy to do! you should try it out!

What classes should you take in high school if you are interested in becoming a microbiologist?

you should take biology

Do you need a certification to be a medical assistant in VA?

You should contact your state board of medical certification for an exact answer.

What should the medical assistant do if a patient refuses to consent to treatment?

He/She should terminate (or discharge) the patient.

Is it possible to obtain medical assistant certification online?

Yes, you can attain a medical assistant certification online. One place you can visit is They should have all the information you need.

Do I need a medical assistant license to work?

Yes, you should consider getting your license as it is currently illegal to work as a medical assistant without the proper training in the United States.

When should the medical assistant check the drug label?

Before administering it to the patient

How much does a medical assistant earn?

There are a some factors that determine how much salary a medical assistant earn. And professionals should be aware of that before applying for a job. Guidelines and tips are available.

Do I have to be good at math to be a medical assistant?

Any major is going to have some math but it is pretty basic. a medical assistant has to have basic concepts and ability to deal with equations and should be able to work on it well.

What should a Medical Assistant Know about medication that they are going to adminster?

They need to know the affects of it.

Do a nurse violate a patient privacy be tell a medical assistant about her medical condition?


What type of person should be an osteopathic physician?

A person who is interested in becoming a physician should apply to both allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) medical schools. Specifically, osteopathic medical schools train their students intensely in the musculoskeletal system and in manipulation. Otherwise, the training between MDs and DOs are identical. Typically, people who apply to medical school are interested in science and healing, and are dedicated to providing healthcare to all people, regardless of race or creed.

Where can I find out some of the test questions that are on the certified medical assistant test?

There are test questions on websites but I think you should talk about this to your teachers or people who has experiences. Certified Medical Assistant test are very important.

How should a medical assistant act in a professional environment?

They should run around screaming profanities with their hand over their head.

What degrees are required to be a surgeon?

I think there should be way of becoming a medical doctor after one has obtain one,s physician assistant degree, just as a licenced practical nurse can use his certificate to obtain a registered nurse status.

Learning about the Career of Medical Assistant?

The population of our country is growing which means that more people will need medical care. Consequently, there will be more job opportunities for medical assistants. A person who is thinking about becoming a medical assistant should look at all aspects of the career. The following outlines the job duties and work environment of a medical assistant. The role of a medical assistant is to help a physician with patient care. Some specific duties of medical assistants include recording a patient's weight and height, blood pressure, and temperature. The information gathered by a medical assistant gives the physician a clearer picture of a patient's condition. A medical assistant may also prepare examination rooms for patients and enter information into a patient's file. In short, medical assistants are called upon to contribute to the smooth operation of a doctor's office. Medical assistants work in doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals. A medical assistant may also travel along with a doctor who visits homebound patients. Most medical assistants work daily hours unless they are employed by a hospital. In that case, they may work an overnight shift. Medical assistants spend a lot of time on their feet moving between examination rooms to assist physicians. A person considering a career as a medical assistant should be able to record a patient's information with accuracy. In addition, he or she must be prepared to work with patients in a doctor's office who are ill and, perhaps, uncooperative. The ideal medical assistant has a great deal of stamina for the vigorous activity of the work day. A medical assistant must dedicate him or herself to learning as much as possible about caring for patients in the most effective way. In addition to the appropriate education, a medical assistant learns on the job from physicians, nurses, and fellow medical assistants. Finally, many schools that offer medical assistant training also provide students with help finding a position in a doctor's office or clinic. A well-prepared medical assistant who is eager to continue learning about the vocation is likely to get a job position fairly quickly.