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How should you dress in middle school?

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Okay , it all depends on who you are . If you are popular ( or if you want to be popular ) you should wear the CUTEST clothes in the school . If you are a funkey person ( or if you want to be a funkey person ) you should wear clothes that looks like you like to sing and dance . If you are a smart person ( or if you want to be a smart person ) you should dress like you are the smartest person in school . If you are a cool person ( or if you want to be a cool person ) you should dress like you mean it . Well , that is all I know . I hope this will be helpful . I think it will be because I am all of these things . Well , hope you will take this advice . Good luck ;3

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Arguments on middle school dress code?

yes they do not need a dress code

Does Bret harte middle school have free dress?


Do you have to wear uniform at kammerer middle school?

no but they have a dress code

How many kids in wredling middle school like dress codes?

i dont think kids anywhere like dress codes:P but i dont have to worry about that cuz im not in middle school lol

Where to get a graduation dress for middle school?

Stella's dressy dressy dresses

Do St Francis Middle School students have school uniforms?

No, but they do have a very strict dress code

What is the dress code at omni middle school in boca raton fl?

the dress code for omni middle school is collered shirts and solid color oants that are an inch bellow ones finger tips

What should you wear to a middle school sports banquet?

If you are a student-athlete, you should check with your school. Some teams will wear their uniforms, while other schools ask students to wear casual dress clothes.

What should you wear the first day of middle school if you are into the casual look?

This year, I'm going into high school and I have the same issue... On my first day of middle school, I wore a cute dress with pink converse low tops. I wore a pink dress and looking back, I'd wear monochromatic colors but, not pink on pink... Hope this helps.

How do you dance at a school dance for middle school?

Just dress like you are going to a party. Girls should dress modestly (Modest is hottest!) Same for you guys. Dont wear heavy clothing because It could get very hot very fast.

Does Webb middle school have to wear uniform?

no--just follow dress code.

Is Colton middle school haunted?

yes, it is haunted by a girl in a white dress

Does Jupiter middle school have a dress code?

Yes you have to wear a collared shirt.

Does McKemy middle school have dress code?

When Mckemy Middle School was open we had an easy dress code. You had to have a solid polo of ANY color and could where jeans everyday. As for the jackets any solid color jacket was acceptable.

Can you wear toms shoes to glades middle school?

That depends on your school's dress code, I would say yes, but you should probably ask a teacher. :)

Should middle school be capitalized in Stanford middle school?

Yes because it is a particular school.

What should I wear to a semi-formal middle school dance?

If you are a guy, dress pants, dress shoes, dress/button up shirt. Girls should wear a dress or skirt, depending on the dress code. Nothing too flashy, don't go as far as like a prom dress. Flat shoes because heels will hurt, unless you don't plan on dancing.

What schools don't were dress code?

Well I know one school that doesn't Sayreville Middle School you don't need a dress code If anybody has any other schools that doesn't need a dress code answer this question.

What do I wear for a middle school dance?

I think all guys should wear jeans and a tee shirt for a casual dance....For formal dances guys should wear a suit and tie and dress pants girls a beautiful dress that you love or want to buy at a store.

Do students have to wear uniforms in mission hill middle school?

No . But there are certain dress codes that you have to follow.

How do middle school teachers dress?

They dress up nice..... i dont know why though... i guess because they dont want to look like a slob.

What are differences between middle school and high school baseball?

middle school baseball is not as competitive as high school,and in middle school you cant get a scholarship for a college school None, They are both Federation Rules, Middle School should be a stepping stone to High School

Should middle schools have laptops at school?

yes they should

What to wear to middle school?

it depends if you go to Private school or Public school. Just be sure to check your schools dress code before buying something.

Should a middle school have a football team?

Well middle school football helps people get better for high school football