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Use an efficient designer.The time of year should be considered to begin a project.Weather is a major player in most consruction projects.If project last more than a year it can still determine a fast start.If a good start is achieved do not let up something will happen to slow things down. Always use good sub contractors. CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.Check around and find out what names come up at different supply house's.I have worked in construction almost 20 years doing ceramic tile and have worked on some great projects and some not so great.I have been self employed for 5 years and I trained for 6 years.I have seen alot and have learned alot.


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Factors that influence design?

Some factors that influence design include use and costs. If the product is economical, then the manufacturer will spend less on design aspects of the project.

Hw environmental factors influence the planning and design of project planning and design in project management and planning?

Environmental factors influence the planning and design of project planning and design in project management and planning and planning are: 1.The objective of the environmental planning. 2.The people who will use the environment itself. 3.The transportation will use in the environmental. 4.Others environmental support for the activities in the environment's.

What services are offered on the website EmpireElectrical?

The services provided on this website include Project design and construction, data and communication design and installation, facility maintenance and service, control systems, design and installation, and line construction -overhead and underground.

What are the five components of a charter?

The five components of a charter are project initiation stage, project planning and design stage, project execution and construction stage, project monitoring and controlling systems, and project completion.

What are some construction jobs in Colorado with good payment?

The Design and Construction Project Manager jobs in the University of Colorado is a construction job which has a good payment of around $63,800 per annum.

What factors determine the design and structure of a house?

The factors are layout, foundation conditions, integration of building services, and external wall construction of the house.

What is a client brief in construction. Is a client brief the same as a design brief?

The client brief and the design brief are not the same. The client brief states the client's issue and what the client expects. The design brief has to do with the design of the project.

What is the difference between design build construction and construction using plans and specifications?

Great question. Design-build has become synonymous with fast tracking a project. This is a false understanding of the reasoning behind design-build. In a regular project or type of construction, there are a set of plans with all of the required engineering. This means that the total project has been conceptualized and planed, down to the fine details. In design build project an architects concept has been drawn. Most design build projects stop here and get a permit so that the owners time tables can be met. While construction begins, engineering is continuing, and we tend to call it a design build project. All of the engineering comes latter for times sake. More of a fast track than a design build. In a real design build project the architect's concept is there but the engineering is in question as to how the project will actually work. Most have some, if not all of the required engineering, or at least an overall concept of the engineering plan that include drawings and details. The reasoning for design build is that the engineering concepts are only that, concepts, and have not been actually proven in other than theory, or not to the scales that they are being implimented in the project. Engineering details may change with actual numbers and this is foreseen or planed. The reason for design build is that there are expected changes or unanswered questions in the engineering that can not be fully answered until the building is to the point in construction that the engineer can make a full determination or actual measurements, loads and/or calculations. Others may (and will) disagree, but this is my understanding of the true meaning of DESIGN-BUILD. ! Terry

Advatages for project management using fast track style construction?

Construction and design phases are overlapped in fast track style construction project management in order to expedite completion of a project. Its advantages include, reduced completion time, lower?æproject cost, corrections can be?æ made easily,?æ and reduced overall burden to project owner by contracting responsibilities to a single party.

How do you evaluate the design of a webpage?

You can evaluate the design of a webpage by it's HTML code. HTML provides all the designing of the page.

What kind of accounting jobs would a construction site need?

In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure. Far from being a single activity, large scale construction is a feat of human multitasking. Normally, the job is managed by a project manager, and supervised by a construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer or project architect.

Why we need surveying?

Surveying is the back bone of construction projects, we must need surveying before starting a construction project, during execution of construction activities and after completion of project. Before starting project surveying help us in design and calculation of quantities. During execution of construction activities surveying is most important thing, It help us to maintain the exact locations and heights. After completion of project surveying is called topographic surveying and it helps us to prepare the As-Built drawings, to make comparison between design and actual constructed structures, to check the differences.

Do architects design only buidings?

Not all architects design buildings, some work in other aspects of the building construction such as project management. Some architects design furniture, but this is not usually covered in architectural training.

When was China Construction Design International created?

China Construction Design International was created in 1994.

How do you calculate cement consumption based on ratio?

it is based on quality of construction and our design strength it is based on quality of construction and our design strength it is based on quality of construction and our design strength

Factors to be covered in a packaging brief prepared by marketng department?

Project Name Product Description Objectives of the design or redesign

What is pre contract cost planning?

It is a pre-costing method of a project and which will be able to tell the cost of construction after completion the design and also before its execution. Pre-estimation of a design proposal will give clear picture about the cost of it's to the employer as well as to the design team to make decisions regarding the project to ensure value for money.

What is the Most economical pre cast or in- situ concrete?

"more" not "most"... It would depend on the particular project by both fundamental design and methods of construction.

What has the author J C Rose written?

J. C. Rose has written: 'A guide to project procedure' -- subject(s): Chemical plants, Design and construction

What has the author Roger Dixon written?

Roger Dixon has written: 'Capital planning project manual' -- subject(s): Health facilities, Planning, Design and construction

What job duties does an architect do?

Concept design, developed design and construction drawings design.

Factors in Operating System Design?

factors of operating system design

What is the importance of BIM in construction?

BIM - (Building Information Modelling) helps the builder from the designing stage up to the achievement of the project. It allows the managers to share important models with subcontractors to assure smooth design and pre-construction operations.

Construction Manager?

form_title=Construction Manager form_header=7743 What type of design work was done for this project? (Select all that apply)*= [] None [] Cut outs or photos [] Sketches [] Architect drawiings [] Permits pulled [] Other Have you decide who will be doing the work?*= () Construction manager and subcontractor he hires () Subcontractors I know () Would like to do certain phases of the project myself () Other Please describe the nature of your project.*= () New single family dwelling () New multi-family dwelling () Addition to home () Remodeling project () Other

What is a cool way to make a design for a project?

There are plenty of ways to make a cool design to make a design for a project. You could splatter paint for example.