How should you handle the little girl you're tutoring when she gets upset and tells you to stop telling her what to do when you were just showing her how to do her homework?

try to find out what the underlying issue is. maybe she is being pushed around by others. seems like she is acting out on you. I worked with a child like this, only he was a biter and kicker. found out by his actions that he just wanted attention but didn't know how to ask for it so he took it out on others. i would ask her to use her words and tell me about what she is feeling right now. (use empathetic statements. ) get to know her through talking. then calmly explain how you are there to help her, and that it is hard for you to help her when she gets upset like that. reassure her that she can open up to you and it would remain between you and her also that and only when stress only if the conversation involves something that will harm her or others that you would need to do something about it. Not sure but that is what I did with a three year old and it worked for me. to this day when he sees me he still at 11 years old gives me a hug and says thank you and that he holds me dear to his heart. I call this old fashioned teacher's love.