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marijuana is nothing compare to coke and heroin user which oftenly you found on someone with cuts

A responsible person would talk to an adult, like a teacher, neighbor, or parent. Also, you can try talking things out with this person asking things like why they do the things they do (i.e. cutting themselves) Many times people are confused as to whether or not they should do anything; well, if you really cared about this person there should be no doubt in your mind: you should absolutely help this person out. Maybe by them ruining their body and cutting themselves that's their way of crying out for help.

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Smoking marijuana is legal in Amsterdam. Adam was shown in YT videos smoking what appeared to be a marijuana joint during his performance of the song Purple Haze, which is about marijuana. Adam has never said whether in fact it was actually marijuana or not, but we know from past interviews that he is not opposed to recreational use of it as all being part of Rock 'n Roll....yet he has stopped short of saying he himself actually partakes.

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No, because if he does he could hurn himself or die of steating to much!Why dont you know that? No, because if he does he could hurn himself or die of steating to much!Why dont you know that? No, because if he does he could hurn himself or die of steating to much!Why dont you know that? No, because if he does he could hurn himself or die of steating to much!Why dont you know that?