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Thank you for caring enough to ask this question. You're some kinda guy! Gently kiss her on the lips. It's not necessary to "give tongue" and that one is kept for when you relationship becomes more serious. If you kiss her gently on the lips, she will either kiss back gently, or apply pressure to your lips and this way you'll know she wants to be kissed harder and you can put your arms around her and bring her closer to you. Let nature take it's course. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How should you kiss your girlfriend if she is very nervous?
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Should a guy kiss you if he already has a girlfriend?

No, it is very wrong.

What do you do if you see your sister kiss your girlfriend?

get very jealous and hurt my sister if i see her kiss my girlfriend. sex them up

Did you hear about the very sad guy who tried to kiss his girlfriend in the fog and lost?

The answer for the algebra worksheet is "Did you hear about the very sad guy who tried to kiss his girlfriend in the fog and mist?" ... not lost.

If you have never kissed a girl before and you have large lips and your girlfriend has rather small lips how should you kiss her?

It doesn't matter what size your lips are, the kiss will be the same. And since this is your fist kiss, you should probably give a very light peck on the lips, and she will kiss back. While your doing it you should just close your eyes and go for it, considering its your first kiss.

When should you kiss your girlfriend because according to your friend she wants to and she is very very shy when should you do it and what should you say before you do it and what should you say after?

Just talk to her see wat she thinks ask her or have one of her friends find out for u

Should you kiss a boy when he has a girlfriend?

No.. It wouldn't be very smart to kiss a boy while he has a girlfriend because then a whole bunch of problems would come up. You'd start getting called a boyfriend stealer, the couple could breakup, the girlfriend could come after you.. Yea, so not a good idea.

How do you know if your teenage girlfriend wants to kiss you if you want to kiss them?

You can really tell if she wants to kiss you back. If she is being very flirtatious, then you should defiantly try to kiss her. if she is not being flirty then she probably does but you can never be too sure. Or as an alternative you could just ask one of her friends.

Is it bad that you have been talking to your girlfriend about your first kiss?

um yes very bad

Your girlfriend wants you to kiss her but how do you do it?

Its hard, very very hard, i took time to do it, believe me, when you do it you will feel very good with yourself. You have to be calm, don't think in that(the kiss) it is easier if you do it in a party or else, spend some time with her, then when you're both ín mood kiss her

How do you kiss your same age teenage girlfriend if she has kissed you but you haven't kissed her?

Then you should ask yourself these questions, "How did I feel when we kissed?" "Did it feel right?" "Is she right for me?" These may perplex you but it is one way of knowing if you want to kiss her or not. If you really do love your girlfriend and are very passionate, you should try to kiss her when it is the right time. Maybe you should ask her to come to talk to her and then kiss her passionatly. You could wait if it's not the right time. Kissing comes naturally and you know when to pucker up and move your lips. Give it to her good. Hope this helps.

How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me I have even told him that I want to kiss him but he has not done it yet and I tried breaking the touch barrier but my hands are always clammy?

Often young men in their teens can be very shy and nervous so it is best to go slow and let him make the first move. Sometimes if you rush it he may feel cornered and he may not think he's very good at kissing. Your hands are clammy because you are nervous as well so you should be able to understand he is possibly very nervous about kissing. Get to know each other and take it slow.

How do you kiss memorably?

In order to have a memorable kiss, it should be a very romantic kiss. Like, for an example, a kiss on a beach when the sun is orange and the sky is bright.

Your Ex wants to kiss you but his girlfriend is your best friend?

Tell your best friend and don't let him kiss you. Approach the matter very catiously. Your Ex is just that, but good friends are hard to come by. If your Ex persists then tell your girlfriend.

You are 12 and you have a girlfriend should you kiss her?

tough question. Lots of issues. A kiss needs to be very sincere and at the right moment. When the right moment comes, both of you will be close enough and looking at each other in a way that should tell you that the only logical thing to do is kiss her. She will be the one to allow you to get close enough to get near enough to kiss. Until you and she are both in that position, don't worry about it.

My girlfriend says im not very good at kissing how do you kiss well?

The main thing is to not be nervous. Just relax and let whatever happens happen. Follow her movements and if she thinks your a bad kisser wait until she makes the first move next time

What should a good girlfriend do?

A Good GirlfriendA good girlfriend should do whatever she needs to do to be herself. And when she is being as true to her own self as she can possibly be and you appreciate her for it, then she is a good girlfriend. A good girlfriend should know what her boyfriend needs. Try to care him a lot, talk with him a lot. Sometimes if you cook a meal to him, he will feel very happy and satisfy. Kiss him a lot.Good Girlfriends Don't Have to Have Sex!

Should you kiss your grandma on the lips?

Yes it is very good

I am a girl who is very experienced my current boyfriend has never had a girlfriend I want to kiss him but I don't know how he's ready and tried but has came unsuccessful how do I kiss him?

kiss his nose first... that says romance

How can a girl learn to kiss a boy?

The only way to really learn on how to kiss a boy, is to just do it. Wet your lips, lean into him, and relax. It is a very natural thing to do. If you are nervous, don't worry. Chances are, he is too.

What band is more famous pantera or kiss?

Both very famous, but Kiss is the answer. Should you ask which band is better? Pantera

How nervous does someone get on their wedding day?

The bride usaully gets very nervous. The groom probably does to, but the bride has all the eyes on her, so she can get scared. But after they say kiss the bride the calm done after that. They get more relaxed at the party. :)

How do you kiss without getting nervous?

I had my first real relationship about a year ago. The first couple times he kissed me I was very nervous. Just relax! Kissing is a wonderful thing that you should enjoy and just have fun with. Go along with it. Remember to close your eyes! No one wants someone starring at them.. that's creepy! Just close them and relax. Everything should be fine!

How should you kiss your boyfriend?

However you are comfortable. kissing your true love should be very easy and natural

How does a kiss feel like?

It should feel very pleasant & loving!

How do you ask a girl for kiss?

You shouldn't have to or don't have to ask for a kiss, I mean it could be cute to but that is VERY WELL depending on the female. You should lean in for the kiss and she might get the signal though.