Dieting and Weight Loss

How should you lose weight sensibly?


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you cannot lose weight but you lose mass. Do it by exercising and eating healthy foods.


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BCP have not conclusively be connected to weight gain - as many women lose weight from taking them as gain weight. The same percent on a placebo also gain and lose. If you are one of those women who gained from BCP - changing or stopping the pill should allow you to lose weight by reducing calories sensibly.

Many websites can help you lose weight sensibly and at a generous pace. is a great source for inspiration, exercise tracking and meal planning.

Kenny should definitely lose some weight...

Lose weight by eating more sensibly, fewer calories.

yes, its a great way to lose weight!!!!

Depends on how much you're eating. If you're eating sensibly, then 30 minutes of exercise will help some. But if you're overeating badly no amount of exercise can make you lose weight.

I don't think any such diet exists. Losing weight is not based on a diet but your will power and determination on how well you can follow directions and can stick with it. Besides you should not be trying to lose weight fast as this is only going to be water which will come back in several day. Try for losing is sensibly which can last a lifetime.,

If you want to lose weight you should eat foods like whole grains and nuts and seeds. to lose weight you should avoid red meat, butter and whole milk. All of these foods will not help you lose weight but make you gain.

Probably, but it is very unhealthy for you to do that. Eat sensibly and moderation. Keep control and slowly but surely the weight will shift!

I don't know of any gift that will help her lose weight quickly. Since she did not gain it all at once it is unrealistic to lose it all at once. Maybe you can get her a lifestyle diet book that will allow her to fashion healthy eating habits with exercise that will let her lose sensibly.

You can lose weight but you should cut down weights a bit

walking or bikeriding are some of the best ways to lose weight

Nobody lose your own weight. If a friend wants to encourage you then they should join you.

You should NOT take laxatives to lose weight as it is dangerous to your health. You don't lose fat by taking them, but you do lose valuable fluids and essential nutrients.

you should drink non-fat or fat free milk to lose weight, and get lean muscles :)

All liquid diets can help you lose weight fast at first, but they are not sustainable over the long term. The weight will come back on once you eat solid food again. The best way to lose weight is to eat less than you burn, eat sensibly, and follow a vigorous exercise program.

I will try to answer the question sensibly. Now that you are no longer a child you should try to behave sensibly.

A fifteen year old should not try and lose weight unless directed by a doctor. You should wait until you are your maximum height before deciding that you need to lose weight.

In my opinion, you have no neeed to lose your weight. You should have to focus to maintain your health and fitness which is most important part of our life.

You shouldn't lose weight. Your BMI is average as it should be and your body is still growing. It could be harmful to lose weight at this age when it's not necessary.

I guess u should lose some weight. Sorry. I guess u should lose some weight. Sorry.

A baby should never be losing weight. It should only be gaining weight as it grows.

For the best results how much water should a 250lb man drink daily to lose weight?

Yes, it should help you lose weight, if you eat the right amount.

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