How should you make your husband forget his first love?


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That's a complex question. What happened to his "first love". If she died you may have a little trouble getting him to forget her. But that's normal and not necessarily a bad thing. If she just dumped him and he's still enamoured I suggest that he is not emotionally mature enough to be in a serious relationship.


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Well first you should marry your husband for love in the first place.

Very possible. You can forget your first love as you forget any other person.

You are married to your husband, so your loyalty should be to him and to no other. Forget the old love and stay true to the new.

No,because if that was your real true love then you should never forget them unless you amnemsia or some wierd disease like that.

you will probably never forget your love at first sight, or even your first love for that matter. it was your first. you will always remember your first.

To make your husband love you means you have to love yourself first.

Yes that is very very wrong . You shouldn't even be thinking about your ex if you really love ur husband.. Exs should be left in the past.. And your husband doesn't deserve that..

Sometimes you should accept the ability to love from a distance. If you love the person, then allow them to be happy with the person they love.

each other should have respect themselves first

Answer I'd say that you should do something really special, something so wonderful that your love will never forget it.

Hmm, you should move on and forget about that person !

A woman can love two men and although she has hurt you by saying she wants to be reunited again with her first deceased husband in heaven does not mean she does not love you, but, her first love was her first husband and she should not have told you this, but kept it private in her own heart. The way to look at it is the fact she was honest with you. She loves you so enjoy each other and don't let this comment ruin your marriage.

If it was love, you won't forget it. But if it was just a crush or something, then you will get over it sooner or later. You can't force it to happen.

A woman should be treated with respect, love and understanding. A husband should be treated in the same way.

Yes, I'd say a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend you have a good relationship with is your love.

If it was love then you will never truly forget it; however the feeling will fade with time.

Your first relationship and your first love is something you never forget. It's important to keep that memory even if it was bad or good. It was a first experience for many things. It can be hard to forget that special person, but just know that there will be more experiences.

You don't! It's best to really try to get over him first. If he does not feel the same way, then just let it be and try your hardest to forget him because if you don't, then when you meet a guy that could be good for you, then you will have two ways to describe him: her husband, and not her husband. That could prevent you from falling in love with an amazing guy.

An example of Eros love is the kind of love husband and wife should have

tel her to take off her pants

Forget him! Thoes qualities make a bad husband! Yetif you really do love him maybe councling or therapy could help.

If your in love and its your first love you'll never forget him. I never forgot my first love. We met and fell in love but he became famous and moved away and we ended up sort of drifting apart but I never forgot him. Even now, after 53 years. Your first love will always hold a place in your heart. So my answer is, you can't forget that boy if he means that much. Never.

For some people it is. No one ever forgets the first time they fell in love.

Someone who truly love you and you also love them. Love is Strong.

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