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It should come from the heart and you know her best. Does she like surprises? Does she lavish in romance? If so there are many ways you can do this: Take her out to a nice dimly lit restaurant and propose to her there and give her the ring. Buy her a dozen red roses and tie the box with the ring on one of the stems (under one red rose) so she'll find it and then get down on those knees of yours and ask her to marry you. If you are lucky enough to live in a State where the sky is blue and you have the money then hire a plane to spell out "_______will you marry me?" Be sure you have the correct time and sit outside and have her look at the sky with you. I know a few people that have done this. I wouldn't advise a party (unless you know for sure she'll accept your ring) and if she does, then have a blast of a party (in control) and ask her in front of all to see. Take a moon-lit buggy ride around a city park (if you have one) and propose to her there. If you can cook then you could cook up a nice dinner, have candles on the table, dim the lights, put on your favorite song you both like and after dinner propose to her. It's up to you and what type of person your girlfriend is. CONGRATULATIONS!

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What did Magua propose to Cora?

She should become his wife.

When do you think a guy should propose?

When he can support a wife and child.

Who is nicks future wife?

myesha is his future wife

Who is Delaney going to marry?

His future wife. His future wife.

How did Einstein propose to his second wife?

In Morse Code.

How many people propose marriage on Valentine's Day?

On Average 52% of Men propose to there wife an Valentines's Day On Average 52% of women are propose to on Valentine's Day

Êtes-vous ma future épouse?

"Are you my wife-to-be?", "Are you my future wife?"

What did president Wilson propose for the future of Serbia?

free access to the sea.

How did Gerald Ford propose to his wife?

he proposed in a black and brown shoe

What should husband do if wife leaves and says it over. contact an attorney?

You need to ask you wife what her plans are with you for the future, then you will know if you need a attorney

What does it mean when he says you're his future wife?

If someone tells you that you are their future wife then it means that they want to marry you.

Can the wife of a beneficiary be a witness to a will?

A witness to a will should be a completely disinterested person to avoid any future contests to the will.

Who is your wife in future?

my nan

Should you spend 3 months of income on wedding ring?

You should spend what you are comfortable with and what fits for you and your future wife. Discuss it with her if you think it is appropriate.

Should you ask her dad before you give her a promise ring?

That is totally up to you. In my own experience I waited to propose to my wife until I asked both of her parents for their blessing. I don't think it is necessary for a promise ring, but definitely before you buy an engagement ring and propose.

What does a guy mean when he says that his future wife should be beautiful?

that means when he gets married he has to marry a pretty woman

How many people propose at the Eiffel tower a year?

I did and wife #7 went nuts !!

How can you propose in sims?

you click on the proposer sim and click on the to-be-proposed-to sim and there should be an action that says "propose"

If the data doesn't support your hypothesis what should you do?

Regroup and propose another theory Propose another hypothesis

Who is beau bokans future wife?

How would we know? It's the future.

How do you propose 2 another sim on sims 2 psp my sim is a girl?

you see the relationship bar down the bottem that has to be around 100 100 with a heart there when you talk to the sim there should be a little thing that says propose... click on that and then it should say MOVE IN GIVE PET or PROPOSE so yer click propose but if you wont the guy to propose you have to ask him to move in and then propose but if you wont to do things more fancy you can ask them out on a date to tea and when you both are sitting down it will say something like PROPOSE or SURPRISE PROPOSE

Should you propose on Christmas?

That would be nice so, yes you should.

Who is Mindless Behavior future wife?


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Who is Edward Cullen's future wife?

Edward's future wife is Isabella (Bella) Swan, who later becomes Isabella (Bella) Cullen.