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How should you respond to your crush if he asks you who you have a crush on?



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== == First off answer him truthfully. Don't hold back just tell him that it's him and get it over with. PLAIN and SIMPLE if you are to embarresed to tell him the truth then just say you don't have a crush and when you are ready you can tell him that you like him Or, if you don't want him to raise an eyebrow and walk the oher way, ask him to guess. If his first answer is 'Me?' then just look at him and say "What makes you think you're that special?" Tease him. If you're positively sure that he likes you back - lovesick delusions aside - then you could tell him. Could. If he wouldn't actually guess, then just say that you do have a crush on someone, but you aren't sure if he likes you back. If he asks you to tell him who it is, so he can check for you, tell him that somehow, you don't think that the secret will be safe with him. Start a conversation with him. It isn't THAT hard. Pick something that you notice - like a keychain or badge on his bag, or a brandname that he's wearing - anything. Remember, if you're too full on, he might get creeped out, and abruptly end the conversation, and then you'll feel like an idiot. Play it cool, and keep the fact that your heart is beating loud enough to be heard overseas on the DL.