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How should you respond when you offer love and receive hate in return?

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Say, the one who you offer your love to is XYZ. Don't hate XYZ just because she/he does not response to your love as per your expectation. You can let XYZ know that how much you love her/him. Don't let XYZ know how vulnerable you are to his/her response to your feelings. Just walk out of XYZ's life. If you truly love XYZ then be proud of yourself. You have the ability to offer your love to someone while knowing that XYZ hates you. Move on with your life. Cherish XYZ's memories. And just focuss on more important things in life. Or another cool way to deal with it is that you find out someone for yourself and be happy with him/her. Don't have to bother about XYZ. YOu deserve something better. People who are able to offer love are far better then those who offer hate or hate others for whatever reasons. What is "offer love" to some, maybe an "imposition" to others. If this is a religious matter, then it's proselytizing.

2007-06-21 00:15:39
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