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What I would do is look in local magazines, also seek advice from others who had been there

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Q: How should you select a hair stylist to put professional highlights in your hair?
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You just put a dark brown semi permanent colour over brown with highlights now you have green tinted highlights if you put a red based brown toner on tomorrow will this sort it out?

Go to a professional salon and they will correct this mistake! Yes putting a red based tint over the top should sort this out, but i would still get a qualified stylist to do it.

What brand of hair clippers do hair stylists use?

I want to be a hair stylist. Can someone tell me what brand of clippers I should buy? Professional grade.

Where can a hair stylist purchase a bleaching kit?

To purchase bleaching kits, one can go to beauty supply stores, drug stores, and even big box stores and supermarkets. If one is a professional hair stylist, one should consult wholesale businesses that cater to beauty salons.

What color highlights should you get if you are a blonde?


What age should you be able to have highlights?

It depends on your parents rule about highlights, if they are extremely strict on the matter, once you are considered by law a legal adult then you can get highlights

What color highlights should you color your hair?

It depends on your hair color. This is just my opinion, if you have black hair or red hair, I don't know what color. If you have brown hair you should get blond highlights and if you have blond hair you should get brown highlights.

Which hair colour is sexier?

There is no universal "sexy" hair colour. Hair colour is a personal preference. Your hair colour should be a similar shade to your eyebrows and should compliment your eyes. Ask a professional hair stylist what colour suits you.

Should you tip a stylist that cuts hair out of her house?

if you want her to respect you.

What were your most significant accomplishments at your last job?

If there are any accomplishments that relate directly to the position for which you are applying, you should choose those to discuss. If not, select any work-related accomplishments that highlights your abilities and skills.

How do you get highlights?

You can get highlights at home or at the salon, but it's really recommendable to go to a professional at least the first time you get highlights. There are balso some natural ways to highlights your hair, such as rinsing your hair with chamomile tea if you're blonde or with coffee if you're a brunette, but these methods are not really efficient. Professional highlights are done either in foil or through a method called balayage. Hairdressers who do balayage should be very skillful, but foil highlights are the most common ones used in hair salons. It's best to choose natural hair colors, usually 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. Trending colours such as pastels or bright colours are nice, but only if you are willing to take really good care of your hair.

Do I need to take creative writing classes when learning how to become a stylist?

If you want too become a stylist you should go too a cosmetology school. The schools schools courses will not be reading and math,you will get hands on training at being a stylist.

What percent of the bill should you offer as tip to a salon stylist?

15% to 20%

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