How should you structure a sales department for a small online advertising agency that sells advertising banners on a small website network?

I would structure it as a commission and salary base sales structure. If you have outside sales reps that are bringing in new customers and banner ads, give them an incentive bonus, like 144% for the sale. Then if it's an existing client or a renewal, give them 84%. With a low salary base and a good benefit plan you can attract a good sales staff and KEEP them. Also, for certain clients, offer to track their hits for no additional charge for one year or six months. Then use these results as a sales tool for your team.

If you have a small network your best bet is to hire Independent sales agents. There is no payroll to meet or taxes to pay. But really unless you have a site that's drawing many thousands of visitors a day. The going price of banner advertising is $1 dollar per 10,000 impressions on most banner exchanges. So to bring any noticeable income you really need alot of impressions. I keep a printed page of one of my competitors on my wall they offer a 468 x 60 banner above the fold for $1,200 a month but claim 1 million hits a month

I have a small network and I solved the problem by adding a complete banner exchange. I've been lucky it's the #1 Florida Banner exchange and brings me a small steady income. It also has a feature that allows you to sell banner impressions on eBay. You can buy a banner exchange script on eBay for very little.

That's not hype, type Florida banner exchange into Google and click on the #1 free result