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it depends on you and your sexuality and personality sexuality => if you are gay i say you should act and talk like a girl if you dont mind being streotyped personality=> if you are feminine then act that way and if you are masculant then act like a boys as usual

You shouldn't have an issue with this if you are a normally adjusted and healthy male. If not, maybe seek counseling? It's an indicator of something not going as it should, and it needs to be addressed with a professional. Good luck...

==Answer == It depends if you have any fetishes also. If you like big boobs or legs or Butts or what ever it is pleasing to you. If you decide on a girl remember to look deep not just at the OUTSIDE features of the women.:) text ALOT call ALOT ask the stupid questions get to now them compliment clothes and face sstuff

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Q: How should you talk and act and what should you do to look like a girl if you're a guy?
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Some people say that to look like a girl, you are supposed to look a certain way, but I personally feel that all a girl just has to look like is the opposite of a man. Men are meant to be buff and hard, therefore a girl should be soft and squishy. Therefore should have nice moisturized skin. A girl should be well shaven, plucked eyebrows. There's no such thing as an "ideal size" I think whatever size a person is should be ideal enough for their partner. As long as youwear clothes that flatter you, take care of your feet and hair, and keep your skin fresh, you're already looking like a girl:)

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Where can you get a boy wig so you can look like a boy but youre really a girl? will need to have a haircut and wear glasess all of the time so you dont see your ''girly eyes'' sorry if i offend