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How should your husband act if he is truly over his affair?

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"ME AND MY SHADOW!" That's exactly true! He'll be trying his very best to be in plain sight when you are around and be as good as he can be. He'll probably try to please you and be a real good boy. Anyone can make one mistake and although I don't blame you for mistrusting him right now (he has broken that trust with you) he does deserve another chance. You just never know if you'd be in a situation of cheating as he was. Most of us never think this could happen to us, but given the right circumstances and the maturity level of the person it's possible.

If he is sneaking phone calls, going off to another room while talking on the phone, working a lot of late nights or not turning up at home until late then I would say you have much to be concerned about.


From the moment the affairs is been discovered, your life will never be the same anymore. It doesn't matter if it's you or your husband who had the affairs, nothing will be normal anymore between the two of you. You are the only one who can read or notice the action of your husband. But for others, and I will include myself, few things I notied from the man I married, he stop hiding his cell phone, he moved his office desk back to our study room, he stop signing out off his computer, he started calling on the phone again just to say what time he got in to work. But the truth is it doesn't really matter all the changes his showing me, if he wants to do it again, he will find the way no matter what...

2013-06-03 07:17:24
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Should your husband tell his coworker that their emotional affair is over?

If it is yes most definately.

Why did my husband Google his mistress after their affair?

Maybe he doesn't want the affair to be over.

How do you tell your husband girlfriend's employer about their affair?

You do not tell your husband's girlfriend's employer anything. The employer is a businessman and is not interested in the private affairs of his employees unless it interferes with their work performance. It should be your husband you are going after and if you feel the relationship is over then file for divorce. Your husband is the one that started this affair because he either provoked the affair or he could have said 'no' if she suggested having an affair with him. Put the blame where it belongs ... your husband!

Can I make my husband pay for a divorce if he is having an affair?

you can actually sue him and the chick he's affair with. Also I don't suggest a divorce. You promised to God that you are married with ONE person and I suggest going to marriage counselor before and start over and hopefully your husband wont go back to his ways and see you as the good woman you truly are.

Why do some husband more concern about his mistress when the wife discovered the affair?

When he decided to cheat over and over again to gain his mistress he was already done with his wife for whatever reason. At the time the wife discovered the affair and realized the husband was more concerned with the mistress is the moment the wife should be done with him... Big mistake on his part!

How do you overcome an affair?

If the affair is over then you should forget it. Put it behind you and hopefully never repeat it.

How do you know the affair is truly over?

When the contact has diminished or been rare, avoidance and lack of any contact in general.

How can you keep your husband from seeing the woman he cheated with now that the affair is over?

That's his responsibility. If he is still seeing her, the affair is not over. You can't control your husband. A spouse has the right to the respect, loyalty and faithfulness of their partner. If your husband can't control his behavior then you need to assess your status as his wife and whether you want your present situation to continue. Are you better off with him or without him?

Which is better to accept your husband admitting his affair to you or you discovering it?

It is much better if the husband admits to his affair because it shows he has remorse and humans make mistakes, but when a husband has the intestinal fortitude to admit he was wrong in what he did then he is ready to try and make the marriage work. A husband who has to be caught in an affair may even become angry over the fact his wife found out and he is neither remorseful and basically selfish not considering the hurt he is inflicting on his wife and family.

Does your husband expect his wife to just forgive and forget that she caught him in a 3 year affair when he tells her to either get over it or get on?

Time to end the marriage and move on to someone who will be a real husband.

I had a cyber affair. Now its over my husband stopped calling me. Why?

Having an affair can be emotionally devastating for one's spouse. So, it is not surprising that a person's spouse would ignore them after they learned of an affair. To make a marriage work following infidelity, both parties need to be willing to work it out, and they should likely attend couple's therapy.

Can you face and overcome the emotional roadblock of your husband affair so you can heal?

u can over come anything if u put your mind to it :)

Why do we blame the other woman when its our husbands who pursue and start it all?

You are wise by asking the question, "Why do women blame the other woman when it is the husband who pursues and starts it all.' Too many women are so jealous over the 'other women' they forget that their husband has started the affair and it is the husband they should be going after and not the other woman. It's a turf war ... single women or even married women that start an affair with another woman's husband is heads up for a real war. The husband sits idly by and secretly I do believe that most men who have affairs on their wives enjoy two women fighting over him. Smart women have it out with the husband and do not bother with the other woman.

Is your marriage worth saving when husband will not tell you about his affair even though you have evidence of a two year affair Told you to just get over it and move on?

I think you should be patient and take your time steadily with him. He wil eventually let out on you. If not i guess hes either not trusting you. Or doesnt feel like talking about it

What does it mean when your husband is cheating on you with his ex wife?

It means that your husband has not gotten over his ex wife yet and he probably started seeing you on the rebound when he first met and married you. You should be strong and confront him about his actions and let him know you will not put up with him having an affair with his ex wife and if he persists you will file for divorce.ANSWER;It means your husband hasn't get over his ex wife, and this is bad especially to your relationship with him. It's time for you to talk to your husband and ask him why. If you don't it will be you that will get hurt not them...........

If your husband got caught in 3 yr affair and the OW dont want him he did not stop the affair on his own accord he is angry at you is he upset because the affair is over because he loves her?

Really?? break up with him!! he loves another girl and why would you want Ur husband loving another women and hes cheating go u!!! hope this helped u make the right choice.

Do many married women cheat?

Yes. I was with my husband for 20 years, married 13 years with 2 children - 8 and 11. I had an affair. He was also married. Very strong emotional affair, which turned to a physical affair over time. I ended up deciding to end my marriage. The affair was not the cause of the problems in my marriage, but more a result of them.

What should you do if your husband abuses you over every single matter?

Have him arrested and get out!

How do you get over an affair which was perfect till one partner lost the desire is confused wth stress at work and homeStress not related with us we love our spouses also and were happy in our affair?

You should not of been having an affair in the first place. If you really loved your spouses you would not have begun the affair, nor would you feel the need to get over one.

Should i investigate my husband having an affair?

The question is do you really want to know the intimate details of the afair? If you are suspecting your husband is having an affair there are obviously problems in your marriage. Where do you go from here? Depending on what state you live in, proof of an affair may not do anything, but drive you crazy. I am going through a divorce right now and the hardest part is watching him parade his girlfriend around. I never had him investigated, instead I spent the money on a good divorce attorney. You need to decide for yourself if your marriage is over and if it is, where do you go from here. Personally, I do not see the need to injure yourself and your self esteem anymore, but having proof of the affair.

What do you do if you found out that your spouse did not end his affair?

When a wife finds out her husband did not end the affair then he has no respect for breaking the bond of trust he should have with you; he does not respect the heartache he is putting you through; he is selfish and self absorbed and it time you kicked him sorry butt out of the house and filed for at least a separation until you are sure you want a divorce. You are stronger than you think and it is time you got angry over the fact your husband is rubbing your nose in this affair. So far he's had the best of both worlds; you allowing this behavior to go on and that makes you an enabler and getting what he wants from the other woman.

Should you get back with a narcissist ex-husband?

Hell no unless you want to go through the pain all over again!

What steps to take if your husband has a child with his mistress?

What a fine mess your husband has gotten you into! It appears you are accepting this affair he is having with his mistress and that you've known about it for sometime. You should have confronted your husband about this long before now because he does owe his child, Child Support which will also keep him in contact with his mistress. You can either accept it, tell him other than seeing his son the affair is over with his mistress, or, you can divorce him! Lady, you really need to get your feet planted on the floor and start looking after your self worth and either get this guy to smarten up or kick his hide out the door!

What can I do when if your spouse hasn't touch you after his affair?

If your husband admitted to his affair then he is trying and simply made a mistake, but if you caught him in the affair and threatened to leave him then he may well feel trapped and men are not noted for knowing what to do when it comes to relationships of any sort, but women are far more tuned in. Your husband may feel he is trapped and is getting back at you by not having a sexual relationship with you or he feels too much guilt. Some men on a general basis (right or wrong) do not always like the women taking control of this sort of situation. Start communicating! If you have children then send them to the grandparents or a friends over-night and sit down with your husband and discuss your marriage. No matter how angry or hurt you may feel keep calm because if you start arguing the conversation is over. Simply ask him for the truth which is whether he truly loves the woman he had the affair with or does he love you. Then go from there. You are in complete control of your own destiny and depending on what your husband says you will either get help from a marriage counselor or, if he is still in love with his mistress or not happy in the marriage for other reasons then you can tell him you are going to either get a separation or start divorce proceedings.

How do you get over a man having an affair?

ANSWER:If this is your husband or a boyfriend, you don't. It will take a while before you can accept what he did. Time is the only one that can help you, time will heal your pain, not all but it will. It did happened to me.